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  • Composition: Hexyl
Price €11.40

NEW FORMULA - HEXYL NITRITE The Real Amsterdam Poppers Hexyl nitrite 30ml. Made in Canada, Lockerroom manufacter. Extra strong and long lasting poppers with no burning effect on contact skin and no headache thanks to Hexyl nitrite.

Price €11.40

NEW MORE POWERFUL FORMULA The original Jungle Juice Platinum Hexyl nitrite 30 ml. Made in Canada by Lockerroom manufacter. The best poppers ever made. Strong formula, best quality. Juice Platinum Poppers Original since the 70's. The Hexyl nitrite is perfect because it has stronger and longer lasting effect with no burning effect on skin and brings no...

Price €11.40

NEW FORMULA The original Blue Boy Poppers Hexyl nitrite 30 ml. This classic brand name has been a favorite since the late 70's is sure to please. Made in Canada, Lockerroom manufacter. This new Hexyl nitrite has stronger and longer lasting effect with no burning effect on contact skin and no headache.

Price €11.40

Rochefort Poppers 30 ml. Made in Canada, Lockerroom manufacter. Rochefort Poppers is a very strong formula Rochefort Poppers is a highly filtered poppers - Hexyl nitrite. 

With Poppers Aromas buy the best poppers with different nitrites : Pentyl, Amyl, Propyl or a mixture of nitrites. All our poppers are directly bought from manufacturers and our stored in our warehouse in France. The best ones are online on - discret deliveries – Poppers sold from € 3.90.