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  • Composition: Propyle
Price €7.90

BlackOut ! Made in France with an extra strong propyl nitrite, the BlackOut Poppers is very strong. Buy this aroma... Is very strong, feel the real sensation from this Poppers: The BlackOut. 13ml propyl extra strong nitrite. This item can not be sold in France.

Price €7.90

Crazy : the french Poppers . Freshly arrived from France it stands out thanks to its pleasant aroma and help you to be crazy ! 13ml

Price €7.90

Enjoy the Diablo Poppers made in France. Diablo means "the devil" in french. This strong aroma will seduce you ! Will you be the next diablo ? 13ml

Price €3.90

This is the brand new Enjoy It! : Enjoy it! is a very strong aromas from Everest Aromas the best brand of Poppers. This Poppers is made in France with all best propyl nitrite and the best ingredient. It's sure you will enjoy it ...

Price €7.90

Lady Poppers was developedand designed specifically for women  The Lady Poppers smell good. It's a cool and strong aphrodisiac, who gives euphoria, well-being and increased sensibility during sex action. 13ml

Price €7.90

Liquid Gold Aroma has a super formula and pleasant smell. It's an english aromas. This classic brand name has been a favorite since the late 1970's is sure to please. It is headache-free. 10ml

Price €7.90

Oink! Poppers  - Are you looking for a poppers with whom you can really enjoy your piggy sex adventure? Oink! is made for you. Oink ! Poppers for your next sex adventures this hot poppers may not be missing. Propyl nitrite 10ml

Price €7.90

Quicksilver Poppers is one of the most popular varieties since 1979, from PWD Brand. The Power-Pak Pellet gives Quicksilver a longer life and freshness. 10ml

Price €7.90

Scream Poppers will heat you the skull to shout and dance all during the night! The poppers of the Night to have fun.Manufactured in France.Bottle of 13ml - We do not ship Scream in FrancePropyl nitrite

Price €7.90

Sexlight is a poppers very extremely, manufactured in France. It is preserved a long time, and avoids burning the nose. This poppers made in France is powerful is to be discovered absolutely! Sex!Isopropyl nitrite

The best Amercian and European poppers come from the best brands : Iron Horse, Faust and all the poppers of the Lockerroom range are directly bought from our manufacturers. They all have the same nitrite basis whether it is amyl, propyl, pentyl or isobutyl. 

They will be directly delivered to your home!

Bear in mind that all our poppers are genuine and that you will not be delivered counterfeited ones. So Poppers Aromas ensures that your order will be placed on a secure site.

Poppers Aromas means that you will find a wide range of products from soft to strong effects depending on your wishes. We have bottles available in sizes from 9 ml to 15 ml and in different brands ( Jungle Juice, Blue Boy, Everest Aromas, Pig Black, Amsterdam…).

All our bottles are cheap, easy to ship and delivered with discretion.

You will have the opportunity to enjoy  the strong sensations of  Jungle Juice Gold Label or the Blue Boy poppers in a mini format.