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Everest Premium & Original Pack

Everest Premium & Original Pack. Everest Aromas strikes again: Everest Aromas classics can be bought in a pack! This Everest pack contains 2 bottles of the best poppers. The first poppers contains amyl nitrite, Everest Premium, the most concentrated product on the market in a 15ml bottle. The second one, an Everest Original poppers with pentyl nitrite. A very popular poppers in the poppers society, available in a 10ml bottle. This pack allows you to buy 2 quality poppers at a very interesting price. Discover two nitrites in one! The entire Everest Aromas poppers range is 100% French.


  • 2 Everest Aromas Poppers 
  • Everest Premium - 15ml bottle 
  • Everest Original - 10ml bottle 
  • Made in France 

Brand :

Everest Aromas


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Description of the Everest Premium Original Pack - 2 bottles of poppers


  • Pack of 2 poppers 
  • Brand: Everest Aromas
  • Saint-Gobain glass 
  • Pellet - Aluminum bead that eliminates moisture
  • Everest Premium
  • 15 ml bottle 
  • 95% pure amyl nitrite
  • Everest Original 
  • 10 ml bottle 
  • Pentyl Nitrite 

Product information: Currently, depending on the production line, some bottles of Everest Original may contain one or more pellets.


Data sheet

Made in
Secure opening
With safety cap

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