Enjoy new sensations and new experiences with the KAMASUTRA SOLID POPPERS . 
Solid Poppers are the first non-liquid aromas on the market. Made with the strongest and pure nitrite (Isoamyl and Isopropyl), this small jar in aluminium and is extremely sturdy and small enough to take with you on all your trips.

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KAMASUTRA SOLID POPPERS : These are the latest development in the area of poppers. They consist of a chemical bond between a very effective ingredient and paraffin wax, ensuring that only after rubbing the compound with your fingers, the poppers are activated. Just rub it with your finger and smell it.
- Easy to use
- Easy to take away
- Does not flow
- Easy to travel with
- Strong aroma with Isoamyl and Isopropyl.

Alluminium jar - 9 ml . Made in Europa.


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