Man with a towel wrapped around his waist waiting at the sauna

How can I carry my bottle of poppers especially at a sauna?

For this, you have several options. Being aware that you’re totally naked wearing a towel around your waist, you might feel helpless if you want carry your bottle of poppers to have a hit while enjoying the heat of your favourite sauna and glancing at new male bodies you’ve never seen before.

Man surrounded by steam - sauna

Show it off!

You can choose to carry your bottle of poppers in your hand in the most casual way. Why not put the bottle just next to you? This way, other males could be easily aware that you’re the type of guy who likes sex poppers and who’s not shy at all. Quite straightforward but truly efficient. No time to lose, you’re here for fun and you want the other male creatures to know it. 

This must be the reason why poppers are often sold in saunas just in case you still wondered. Just pay attention to hungry boys who might take your bottle away. People can be so mean and jealous sometimes.

Discreet ways to carry poppers

If you’re not satisfied with this first solution, we have another one : carrying your bottle around your neck. Another way to inform the others that you’re not only here to relax but also for some action.

You’ll have to change the stopper and choose one made of cork – just like the ones for bottles of wine. Make a small horizontal hole inside the cork and put a string through it. You’ll be able to carry your bottle as if you were carrying a necklace and you won’t have to worry where you have put it.

A slightly different version is to use a necklace with a leather purse at its end and to store your poppers inside the purse. The advantage is that you won’t have to worry about breaking the bottle since it will be protected by the leather of your purse and the string to close it.

We’ve come up with another idea for those who still don’t feel satisfied with the first 2 ones. Use a wristband with a pocket inside it. It can be made of leather or any type of fabric and can be closed with a zipper. It’s a much more elegant way of carrying your bottle. Some of these wristbands have several pockets and allow you to carry some banknotes, a key, your ID with style. A wristband made of terry toweling can give you a sporty look and absorb your sweat as well.

Man in his underwear

Don't use your underwear!

However, it would be a very bad idea to carry your poppers in your underwear or jockstrap. This may look convenient but on second thought it’s quite risky for your skin and rather uncomfortable to move freely. If the bottle falls down and breaks, the other sauna enthusiasts won’t be happy to risk cutting their feet or toes. And if the sauna you’re in doesn’t sell any poppers, all your plans will be ruined.