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Leather cleaner poppers: why is it mentioned on the bottle?

Poppers is a strong euphoric aroma in liquid form containing various nitrites. Available in 10-30 ml glass bottles, poppers is also used as a sexual stimulant and aphrodisiac, to add magic to your nights. No matter what the bottle size, “leather cleaner” is written on its label. Is this product really meant to clean leather though? Find the answer about leather cleaner poppers in this article. 

What’s Leather Cleaner Poppers exactly? 

Whether it is amyl, propyl, or pentyl nitrite-based, poppers is a blend of molecules. Check out our online store Poppers Aromas catalog. The purchase and delivery of products from brands such as Everest, Amsterdam, or Rush are available at a good price. 

Its original name “Pop” comes from the sound of opening these bulbs. 

These high-quality products are available in 10, 15, 24, or 30 ml nitrite bottles. Check out our stock to add aroma to your shopping list. 

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Make sure you check your country’s regulations before buying poppers.

Poppers will remove social barriers at parties, concerts, and festivals. This aroma being a strong vasodilator, people use it during intimate moments. Its nitrite improves sexual performance by relaxing the muscles and thinning the blood. You should definitely add it to your erotic routine!

Where does poppers originally come from? 

Let’s take a step back in the past, shall we? First invented by the French Antoine-Jérôme Balard, poppers’ special properties had been discovered by Sir Thomas Lauder Brunton in 1867, the formula was originally used to improve blood circulation.

The US Army will then use the product to help soldiers breathe easier when using firearms.

However, soldiers soon discovered the strong side effects of these small bottles on sexuality and turned it away from its original purpose.

In 1969, poppers sales boomed while the Food and Drug Administration banned amyl nitrite aroma on American soil, as they considered it a drug.

They modified the formula and launched it as “home fragrance” bottles. Poppers became very popular in gay communities and was exported to Europe in the 1970s. Cheap price, quick effects, the aroma was perfect for parties and gatherings. 

“Leather cleaner” label on poppers bottles: rumors and reality

Several rumors have it that poppers is used for the maintenance of leather sex objects or in leather fetish scenes.

But the reality is quite different! This is only the name given to chemical molecules that are registered with the European Reach Institute, whose aim is to register, evaluate, and authorize chemical substances.

Our formula are therefore legal in the European Union. Nobody removed the label ever since.

You got it, no leather had really been cleaned by poppers nitrite, so perhaps try a different cleaner

What are the effects of poppers?

Poppers use has many strong effects on the body and health. As well as creating a feeling of euphoria, the aroma will give rise to mild hot flashes and heightened sexual arousal. Using this product relaxes the muscles, but also accelerates the heart rate. It can also make the head spin and act as a vasodilator, increasing the diameter of blood vessels. A super way to add magic to your erotic evenings

Yet, taking poppers isn’t for everyone. Pregnant women, people suffering from anemia, or those with heart or hyperthyroid problems should not use it. Under no circumstances should poppers be drunk or inhaled. Keep it out of children’s reach.

What are the different types of poppers?


Isoamyl nitrite-based, it is the most powerful of them all. You will enjoy its strong and long-lasting gradual effects.


Ideal for beginners, its isopropyl original formula will add some fun to your parties and make special memories. 


The perfect companion for your erotic nights, this pentyl-nitrite-based aroma will give you a superpower to make your intimate moments special.

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Now you know all about leather cleaner poppers!