thank all of you

We thank you all

In 20 years from now on when our children or grandchildren study  History, They will learn that the year 2020 was the year of the COVID 19 pandemic. They will ask you “ is it true that the global population was in self isolation? Couldn’t you go out at all?” Facemasks will  have become commonplace and the vaccine against the Coronavirus will be as widespread as the flu against the flu.

So far we have not totally recovered from this outbreak though we are already starting to pay its economical, social and ecological price. However, we – at Poppers Aromas – would like to thank you. 

This exceptional situation has stopped the course of our lives and we have all been affected whether personally or professionally. That’s why the team of Poppers Aromas would like to thank you all for your support during these long months of lockdown. Our company remained open and we were able to deliver our parcels of happiness all over France and also all over the world. Now our objective is to make sure that our activity remains sustainable in order to satisfy you but also to ensure the safety of our employees at work as well as your own health until this pandemic becomes an old memory.

Thank you to our loyal customers!

We would like to thank you for your understanding, your patience, your sense of responsibility and your solidarity. We thank our customers, our suppliers and our different collaborators for their loyalty, their work and their commitment during the crisis. We also wish to thank the health and care workers for their dedication and also all the invisible ones such as the garbagemen, deliverers and cashiers. Thank you also to the teachers and public services for their work which proved so useful. Thanks to their intelligence and their kindness we have been able to get out of this lockdown and the health situation has stabilised.

However we need to stick together with the ones who have lost a relative or a loved one and let’s not slacken our efforts despite looser rules. We need to remain careful as Covid 19 hasn’t been eliminated yet and as no vaccine has been found either.

solidarity and mutual aid against the Corona virus

Let’s stand together

It is in this dynamic of goodwill that we still respect the security measures and also social distancing within our premises. No kisses, no handshakes, not even hugs to congratulate our co workers for their success or even for their birthdays.

Thanks to the quick-mindedness, the flexibility and the intelligence of our managers but also thanks to their fondness for their employees we have been capable of adapting to this exceptional situation. Indeed our employers reacted rapidly by giving us bottles of sanitiser and facemasks. Our workforce was reduced soon after the lockdown was imposed on us in order to protect the most vulnerable members of our team, especially our oldest ones. The logistics team was the only one to stay on site in order to continue the preparation of your pleasure parcels. The rest of the team of Poppers Aromas started teleworking while the production of our products slowed down in order to favour the production of sanitisers.

Despite these obstacles – and we wish to apologise for some late deliveries – this crisis has enabled us to reinforce our sense of adaptability as well as our values which are the respect of everybody, sharing and the satisfaction of our clients and coworkers. We were able to be innovative and above all reactive in our operating modes.

You should also know that our shipments are always done within a maximum of 24 hours  after your order has been placed. If your order doesn’t appear as “sent” on your parcel tracking link 24 hours after your order, it means that the carrier hasn’t scanned your parcel yet.

We also need your feedback when the delivery time exceeds its normal period. Carriers are unfortunately late and things should go back to normal little by little according to the country where you live. Indeed the authorities of our country may have taken exceptional measures concerning imports, which slows down the delivery of your bottles of happiness.

And what about sex?

Pay attention to the exaltation of bodies. Sex isn’t forbidden though there are precautions to be taken. Favour social networks or sexcams for remote sex, which is safer though we also believe that this form of secure sex is not the most enticing. If you can’t control your desire, have a shower before meeting your partner, your sex friendd or a charming stranger. And after sex, have another shower. Avoid kisses if your partner isn’t a regular one. Don’t forget to wash your hands and use a lubricant rather than your precum. For oral sex, use a condom, a dam or rubber gloves for harder practices. And clean the “crime scene” after your session of sex.

Free sex ins’t totally possible for the time being so you’ll have to wait a little to enjoy it as before though new encounters are not prohibited, just be careful.

We are extremely grateful for your support during this outbreak because you were more present than ever and many of you continue trusting us. Thanks to your loyalty we are able to fulfill our mission, to give you a bit of happiness, of consolation to make your daily lives brighter.