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Poppers inhaler: the best way to use it

Amyl, propyl, or pentyl nitrite-based, poppers is a recreative substance in small bottles. It is known for the euphoric and vasodilatory quick effects it provides, making it a perfect party companion and sex enhancer. You can inhale aromas directly from the bottle or by using a poppers inhaler. Many brands like STFFR and its XTRM cap range (Fister Red, Double large…) offer the possibility to experience the euphoria given by these small bottles to their fullest. You can find them at a good price to add intensity to your sex nights. At Poppers Aromas, we offer a large range of products to make your wildest desires come true. 

What’s a poppers inhaler?

Poppers inhalers are aroma accessories that allow you to sniff the vapors through an item instead of inhaling directly from the bottle. They come in different shapes and forms and they all have one purpose: to help you make the most of your poppers experience.

Regular Poppers inhalers

Steel or aluminum, poppers inhaler is generally a cylinder. Thanks to a cotton ball soaked into the liquid, you can then sniff your vapor through the visible holes at the top of the inhaler. They provide a controlled way to enjoy your nitrite and add some fun to your evenings!

Since the inhaler is small and looks like a piece of jewellery, it will go unnoticed by most people. Black, white, or red, pick the sniffer you like to match your mood or outfit. Those who do recognize it are likely to be users, and may even give you a friendly wink!

Poppers inhaler caps

Depending on the type of inhaler cap, you may find removable single or double openings. These items increase air movement thanks to the large holes at the ends. These are reserved for thrill-seekers, as more vapors are inhaled.

At Poppers Aromas, find the one that suits you in stock! Opt for the XTRM Sniffr Fister red or the Double Large to enjoy your poppers bottle properly and add fun to your parties. 

Want to carry your poppers bottle and inhaler cap everywhere to enjoy your juice anytime? Check out the leakproof caps double small or double large, this way you can keep the inhaler on your bottle without wasting a single drop.

Good to know: These accessories are not suitable for all poppers, make sure to check the compatibility document available on the product page before ordering. 

How to inhale poppers?

Regular inhalers: as easy as pie

It’s really simple, follow the guide! 

First, open the inhaler and remove the central tube by simply unscrewing it. We always advise you to use plastic gloves, as even a small amount of poppers spilt on your skin can irritate it.

Second, take some absorbent cotton and soak it in your favorite aroma.

Insert the cotton into the tube and screw it back together. All that’s left to do is inhale your amyl, propyl, or pentyl nitrite to add that bit of extra you need!

Don’t forget to replace the airtight cap quickly, as poppers is a highly volatile liquid that evaporates easily.

When all the molecules have been inhaled, soak a new cotton pad with the products that give you the most sensation.

And how about inhaler caps?

It is as easy as it looks! Simply unscrew the original poppers cap and use the inhaler one instead. That way you can enjoy the vapors directly from the single or double openings, depending on the accessory you chose.

Why is it better with a poppers inhaler?

First of all, breathing through an inhaler produces powerful and quick effects. It’s stronger than inhaling directly from the products or letting the bottle of poppers diffuse in a room. Inhaling directly will produce an extremely exciting and euphoric effect. A great way to add spice to your sex life!

The big plus? There’s no risk of burns since you’re never in contact with the poppers in liquid form. Not to mention you won’t have to carry the entire poppers bottle with you everywhere anymore. The inhaler itself is enough to have a nice evening.

Breathe fresh air between inhalations. We suggest you follow this advice very carefully. It will also help avoid headaches and the risk of blueing your nails or lips due to lack of oxygen.

Tips for beginners

Whatever poppers you use, you can use them with your inhaler. The most important thing to remember is that soaking a cotton wick will enhance the effects produced by the high concentration of active molecules.

If you’re using an aroma inhaler for the first time, our advice is to start with a weaker nitrite, propyl-nitrite-based poppers. You’ll need to get used to the strength of the inhaler, little by little. If you are use to or prefer stronger flavors, we recommend you opt for amyl nitrite.

Do not try poppers if you have respiratory health problems such as asthma.

The best inhalers on Poppers Aromas in stock

On our online boutique, we offer a range of inhalers to allow you to fully enjoy your nitrite experience at an attractive price. For instance, as a great inhaler cap, you have the XTRM Double Large poppers cap by the SNFFR brand and inhale the vapors from your poppers through the two openings. The effects will kick in directly!

Fancy something softer to start with? We have exactly what you need! Try out our leakproof Double Small cap with its two openings. It is very easy to use, it screws onto the bottle instead of the old cap.

For sex or parties, our black, white, and red inhalers are available at the best price!