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This BPM Poppers will increase your heart rate. This new aroma has been created to give you the disinhibition you need to enjoy the parties to the fullest. Its propyl-based aroma is smooth and recommended for those who want to try these famous bottles for the first time. Made in France, the BPM poppers contains 15ml and has a safety cap.   BPM Poppers... 8.4 EUR Price €8.40

Meta Propyl Poppers 10ml. Meta Propyl is a poppers from the mysterious Meta range. Time for sweet and strong at the same time. Its made of isopropyl nitrite making it perfect for beginners who want to benefit from the euphoric or vasodilating effects for fun and pleasure. Get your holy spirit formula!    Meta Poppers IsoPropyl Small 10ml poppers The Meta... 19.9 EUR Price €19.90

Meta Trio 10 ml. The Meta Trio pack contains three poppers for a more intense experience! Do you already know the Meta series? These mysteriously designed flavors are full of treasures: Meta Amyl, Meta Propyl, Meta Pentyl. Depending on your mood, you can choose Meta Amyl or Pentyl for a wild and intense night. For a night out with friends or a night of...

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Private Club Poppers. Be part of the select group of those seeking aphrodisiac fun with our Private Club aroma. Intended for VIPs only, this 10ml poppers is made of propyl nitrite, the ideal molecule for entertainment. Let its euphoric aroma and its fast effects invade you. Private Club poppers, the ideal aroma for an unforgettable night. Available in a... 10.4 EUR Price €10.40

Amsterdam poppers. The spirit of Amsterdam is alive in this robust poppers. After more than twenty years, this extra strong formula is one of the best sellers ever! Millions of bottles of Amsterdam Poppers have been sold all around the world. Made with 95% isopropyl nitrite, its formula remains unique. Indeed, it has an excellent reputation among poppers... 11.9 EUR Price €11.90

Meta Propyl poppers 24 ml. Seeking an intense and exciting experience? Meta Propyl poppers is made for you! Designed to provide moments of euphoria and pleasure, this aroma has become a favorite among fun-lovers.  Its 24ml bottle guarantees a powerful experience. Meta Propyl is perfect for beginners who wish to enjoy brief euphoric and vasodilatory... 31.9 EUR Price €31.90

Meta Trio poppers 24 ml. Discover the colorful and well-known Meta brand. Three poppers, three nitrites, for three different sensations. No need to wonder whether you'll choose amyl, propyl, or pentyl, get all of them in one order!   A poppers for every occasion Feeling like having a wild night? Opt for Meta Amyl or Meta Pentyl. Fancy a night out to party... 19.9 EUR Price €19.90

BRUSSELS Pack! Ultra-strong Poppers Pack! Amyl et propyl nitrites! 2 x 15ml GATE - Amyl PIG BLACK - 70% Amyl 30% propyl 7.9 EUR Price €7.90

ID poppers 10ml. Live to celebrate yourself. Be proud to be you with our ID poppers. This is a propyl-based aroma, a molecule that will stimulate your senses. Contained in a handy 10ml bottle, ID will be the ideal companion to enjoy your evenings to the full Also available in a 3-pack or 5-pack.    Propyl Formula 10ml poppers 10.4 EUR Price €10.40

Helium poppers 24ml. Liquid Colors is the latest French poppers brand created by the chemist Doctor Colors, who in his spare time enjoys creating magical elixirs known as poppers.  Helium, for example, is the aroma created to entertain every moment of your day. Its name comes from the second element of the periodic table, because of the euphoric effects... 10.4 EUR Price €10.40

Juic'd Poppers Original is an isopropyl nitrite based poppers avalaible at Poppers Aromas. Aimed for all type of users, from the less to the more experienced. This aroma will liven up your recreational and fun evenings, as well as your most intimate moments. This poppers bottle contains 24 ml and is equipped with an airtight safety cap to prevent spillage... 10.4 EUR Price €10.40

Poppers Spunk in 24ml format, a Poppers Extra Strong in the image of the colossus standing on this pretty bottle! Adorned with an overpowering colossus about to explode, the design tells us all about the powerful effects of this poppers. Thanks to this Spunk poppers, your blood flows quickly to relax your muscles and facilitate penetration. Or any other... 10.4 EUR Price €10.40

Poppers ICE: its mint-flavoured Poppers will let you experience the extremely satisfying combination of potency and freshness! ICE POPPERS Mint is currently one of the best delicious flavors. Its pleasant mint scent combined with its stimulating power is a treat for the senses. You feel the freshness of the mint filling you from the inside, followed by a... 11.9 EUR Price €11.90

Isopropyl Nitrite 24ml. First poppers with its unbreakable plastic bottle! Isopropyl Nitrite, this poppers well strong which will charm everyone… Experience endless highs and wild parties without ever getting tired. Equipped with a safety cap, the juice of your Isopropyl Nitrite poppers will not leak into your bag. Do not be afraid anymore to kick up a... 10.4 EUR Price €10.40

Propyl Poppers. As the name suggests, a European made propyl nitrite poppers! A small can in 24ml format that provides, on contact with the nostrils, an intense and voluptuous sensation of warmth and excitement. The propyl nitrite, a real institution in the 80's, is back in force on Poppers Aromas... Ready for the explosion?!...    Propyl Nitrite Bottle...

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Private Club poppers are now available in a 3-pack. It's the perfect poppers to take with you wherever you go and to your wildest parties. Thanks to its fun and euphoric Propyl Nitrite. Packaged in small, opaque 10ml bottles, they're practical and easy to carry in any pocket.  Available in a 5-pack and individually.     3-pack Private Club 10ml Propyl... 8.4 EUR Price €8.40

The super rush is here with the Rush Zero poppers from the well known Rush brand! This very special aroma is contained in a 10ml bottle. Used by the most experienced users, this Rush poppers is one of the most powerful. Indeed, Rush Zero is a product made of a mix of two nitrites: amyl and propyl for even stronger sensations. The effects of these nitrites... 10.4 EUR Price €10.40

Poppers All Black. New poppers from the All Black sex toy brand, discover its intensity. Composed of Propyl Nitrite, take benefit of this poppers if you want a fast and strong rush! All Black is an extra-strong poppers, ideal for endless sex and anal experiences. Available in a 24ml bottle with a safety cap. Be ready to discover new sensations with this... 8.4 EUR Price €8.40

Berlin Hard... Feel horny in the City of Berlin with the powerful Poppers with 10ml Propyl nitrite. It perfumes your room or your nostrils to provide exhilarating sensations and reach ecstasy. Enjoy unparalleled comfort for easier penetration thanks to the dilating effect of this strong poppers. Disinhibition, enjoyment and orgasm are the keywords of the... 10.4 EUR Price €10.40

Bare 24 ml. You won't want to get dressed again! Bare is a freshly released Poppers Aromas exclusive. You won't find this aroma anywhere else. Start your foreplay with a big hit of this aphrodisiac liquid. You'll feel an exciting rush warming your body and mind. The wide opening allows you to inhale a large amount of vapour from this vasodilator. Made... 10.4 EUR Price €10.40

Poppers Bear. For wild men, and women of character, Poppers Aromas presents Poppers Bear. Available in a 24ml bottle, this poppers stimulates desire and awakens the wild bear in you. This poppers is based on propyl nitrite, a popper with aphrodisiac effects and therefore complies with the standards in force in Europe.   24ml bottle Propyl Nitrite 8.4 EUR Price €8.40

Juic'd original poppers. Discover now the mini version of the Juic'd poppers, a propyl-based aroma that gives you fast and very pleasant effects. Its 10ml glass bottle is the best option to take them everywhere, with total discretion. Dare to use Juic'd Poppers for all your intimate moments and parties!   10ml Juic'd original Propyl nitrite 8.4 EUR Price €8.40

Oink! Poppers  - Are you looking for a poppers with whom you can really enjoy your piggy sex adventure? Oink! is made for you. Oink ! Poppers for your next sex adventures this hot poppers may not be missing. Propyl nitrite 10ml

Image Private Club poppers 5-pack Strenght 2 out of 5
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Discover Private Club poppers in a 5-pack at Poppers Aromas. This poppers is made with propyl nitrite, which is a party flavour, ideal for your most festive evenings. You'll find this poppers in an opaque 10ml glass bottle, making it easy to carry and preserving its aroma. Available in a 3-pack and individually.     5-pack Private Club 10ml Propyl Poppers 19.9 EUR Price €19.90

Friendly Pack. The coveted BPM, ID and Everest Mini aromas have decided to join forces to bring you this fabulous poppers pack. Discover the Friendly Pack of 3 poppers with different flavors all in 10ml and 15ml bottles. The Everest Mini a mix of amyl and propyl, ID and BPM poppers both made with propyl nitrite. You will love it! Everest Mini special made... 9.9 EUR Price €9.90

Red Pangolin 15ml. Awaken your senses thanks to the aromas of the new Red Pangolin poppers. Its formula with propyl nitrite is authentic. This poppers was designed for your parties with friends, or hot nights with your partner. This stimulating product triggers laughter for a few minutes of well-being with your friends. Or it can increase your libido,... 19.9 EUR Price €19.90

3-pack ID Poppers. A colourful aroma for this 10ml ID poppers, created so that everyone can be proud of who they are. ID is a propyl nitrite-based poppers, great sensations without being too strong, ideal for those who want to discover poppers for the first time!       10ml Propyl Nitrite French Poppers 25.9 EUR Price €25.90

Dare to choose the Juic'd Original 3-pack of poppers for all your recreational parties or your special intimate occasions. Made from propyl nitrite, it will develop all your senses. Its effects will be felt slowly at first, then strongly after a few seconds. Equipped with safety caps, you can easily carry them everywhere. Juic'd Orginal poppers are also... 8.4 EUR Price €8.40

Discover now the new brand of poppers Le Jus and its Super Propyle poppers. Made with isopropyl nitrite as its name indicates. Categorised as milder than other nitrites, it is no less strong and intense and its effects are progressive after each dose. You'll feel a warm sensation coursing through your body that will relax all your muscles.    Le Jus... 19.9 EUR Price €19.90

Le Jus poppers trio 10 ml. Follow your desires and get this 3-pack to enjoy all three sensations. Whether you're in an erotic or party mood, use the poppers that will brighten your nights and experience powerful and intense effects.    What's inside? Amyl nitrite-based, Le Jus Amyl Base poppers and its 10ml bottle will provide highly euphoric and...

Buy Propyl Poppers

Propyl nitrite, produced with alkyl nitrite, is one of the most used poppers. It is often overlooked, but propyl nitrite poppers are the most common and widely sold. Indeed, numerous countries have banned amyl nitrite and butyl nitrites particularly but have never prohibited Isopropyl (or propyl). This small bottle of propyl is, therefore, an over-the-counter product in many countries including UK.

These bans have widely contributed to the success of propyl poppers.


Propyl poppers (or isopropyl poppers) 

These poppers derive from alkyl nitrites just like pentyl, butyl or amyl nitrites. This kind of poppers was created and synthesised after amyl nitrite (stronger), yet it’s now the most common type of poppers.

Popularised in the 80s, propyl poppers became renowned with nightclubs and disco music. Indeed, the gay community adopted it during that period. The story goes that poppers were directly released through the air conditioning of clubs so that the dancefloor would be filled with the aroma of poppers.

Propyl poppers are the least powerful in terms of effects. They usually cause very few side effects such as headaches. Their aroma tends to evaporate more rapidly when opening the bottle than poppers containing amyl or pentyl.


What are the effects of propyl?

Propyl poppers have immediate effects, the high is quick but the sensations aren’t as strong as with amyl poppers for example. Amyl nitrite has an immediate and powerful effect that propyl doesn’t have. This vasodilating product is appreciated for its aphrodisiac effects. It stimulates your senses, gives hot flashes and releases desire.

The effects are limited and momentary. It’s the perfect poppers for beginners. Propyl is used for and foremost during sex because it stimulates desire and releases sexual drive.


The legislation on propyl poppers

Propyl nitrite has been absolutely legal in Europe since June 2013. Indeed, the State Council annulled the decree prohibiting poppers containing pentyl, amyl or even propyl nitrites. Only one derivative of alkyl nitrite is now for sure prohibited for sale and consumption: butyl nitrite.

Propyl nitrite is therefore legal in Europe and not considered as a drug. No addiction is attributed to poppers.


Where are propyl poppers produced? 

Most propyl poppers such as Jungle Juice are produced in Canada following a strict protocol. This production protocol is applied to comply with the international regulations related to the sale of poppers. Some poppers are even produced in France, Belgium and Germany.


The most famous propyl poppers

Among the most famous brands that are internationally famous, we can definitely mention:

  • Jungle Juice (Platinium)
  • Iron Horse
  • Juice zero
  • Amsterdam
  • Everest Aromas


To conclude

Propyl poppers are appreciated for their aphrodisiac virtues. They’re not very strong (contrary to amyl for instance) and are suitable for beginners. They stimulate desire and enhance the lack of inhibition. Their main drawback is their fast evaporation once you’ve opened the bottle. In Europe, this type of poppers is authorised for sale and consumption. Choose a bottle from a famous brand if you’re inexperienced (Everest Aromas, Jungle Juice, Amsterdam...).