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All you have to know about Poppers 

The Poppers this little bottle gets us high, makes us want to use it more than we should during dancing nights or crazy love nights but is this fun poppers so harmless?


What are Poppers ?

Poppers are a vasodilator
(it dilates your blood vessels) which was first used by doctors to treat heart diseases. It takes its name after the vials that made a pop while being opened. And as the side effects were a feeling of well-being and euphoria, the product was then used for sex and recreation. It couldn't be that simple.
Poppers was invented by a French chemist named Antoine- Jérôme Balard who managed to synthesize amyl nitrite. Needless to say this inventor is revered by some of us.
So poppers was first used to treat angina but it's in the seventies that the gay community decided to use it for its wonderful effects on sexuality. Indeed, who could have dreamt of such advantages? It was then becoming easier to have longer erections, greater orgasmic contractions and even late ejaculations.
Its use then spread among the teenagers who adopted it for its exhilarating effects more than its sexual ones. Who has ever had poppers? 10% of the youngsters aged 17 have already tested it once and 3 % of the French aged between 18 and 25 are regular users according to a survey the French Observatory of Drug Use, which is 3 times more than the average.


What about the Poppers effects?

After inhaling once in each nostril you will then experience a feeling of flying, of surrendering yourself to an exceptional moment, hence its use for sex! Your body is now quivering and dilating – anus included of course – while your brain is feeling pressure and a feeling of warmth will last for 2 minutes. And then nothing. Everyone one will react differently according to the atmosphere and environment they are in. You can burst into laughter, feel the music, feel more excitement and sexual energy.


Sex with Poppers 

Poppers can make you feel horny, lower your inhibitions and make orgasms feel stronger. Because they relax the sphincter, the muscle in the arse hole, poppers can make it easier to be fucked or fisted. Because poppers can kill an erection, it's better to put a condom on before the first hit of poppers.


Are the Poppers legal?

Poppers being legal in France, its sale and use are authorised. Import from a European country is legal all across EU.
This product has been banned from sale in Canada since 11 July 2014.
In the UK, after wanting to prohibit the sale of poppers, the government was forced to reconsider its decision after the British Monitoring Centre for Drugs and Drug Addiction turned it down. You can buy Poppers in the UK.


How to use Poppers ?

Poppers are usually sniffed from the bottleIn case you still wonder how to use it, the best way is to inhale it through your nostrils. Manufacturers recommend to open a bottle in a dry, clean and well ventilated room to let the product release its effects into the air. The effects come on quickly, but don't last for long and fade after a couple of minutes.


What are the risks?

For occasional use: you may feel dizzy, have headaches, feel sweaty, have red patches, feel sensitive to light, have a lower blood pressure. Your eyes may also be irritated and your nostrils burnt.
For regular use : sneezing, nasal flow, inflammation of the nasal mucous membrane, skin problems such as spots and scab around your nose or mouth due to burns.


Can I become addicted to poppers?

Absolutely not. No dependance. No withdrawal syndromes. However you need to pay close attention to the following recommendations:
- Mixing poppers and alcohol causes headaches, dizziness and may cause fainting.
- Do not mix poppers and Viagra, Cialis or Levitra
- As poppers causes sexual arousal, this product can lead to risky behaviour. So do not forget your condoms when it comes to sex, fun and pleasure.