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This New BPM Poppers will increase your heart rate. This new aroma has been created to give you the disinhibition you need to enjoy the parties to the fullest. Its propyl-based aroma is smooth and recommended for those who want to try these famous bottles for the first time. Made in France, the BPM poppers contains 15ml and has a safety cap.   BPM Poppers...

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3 pack BPM Poppers. Containing propyl nitrite, BPM poppers is suitable for both beginners and advanced users. The small 15 ml size of the "Beats Per Minute" poppers is very practical to bring it to a party and enjoy it alone or with others. Cheap poppers with this 3-pack of French quality poppers. You can also find this BPM poppers in a 5-pack at Poppers...

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5 pack BPM Poppers. Want to have fun? Then BPM Poppers is your best friend. This is a propyl nitrite based poppers that will please everyone. 15ml poppers for great and progressive effects. Very cheap poppers with this 5-pack BPM. You can also find BPM poppers in a 3-pack.     5-Pack BPM poppers Propyl Nitrite 15ml bottle Made in France