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Image Rush Imperial Gold 10ml Strenght 3 out of 5
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Regular price €8.90 -20% https://www.poppers-aromas.eu/1807-home_default/rush-imperial-gold-poppers-10ml.jpg 7.12 EUR Price €7.12

Rush Imperial Gold 10ml. Immerse yourself in luxurious intensity with Rush Imperial Gold 10ml poppers. Designed for immediate and potent effects, this signature edition formula enhances intimate moments with unparalleled satisfaction. Made from high-quality pentyl/pentanol, Rush Imperial Gold ensures a consistent rush, inviting you to explore new...

Image Rush Copper Luxe 10ml Strenght 3 out of 5
  • -20%
  • New
Regular price €8.90 -20% https://www.poppers-aromas.eu/1804-home_default/rush-copper-luxe-poppers-10ml.jpg 7.12 EUR Price €7.12

Rush Copper Luxe 10ml. Immerse yourself in the exhilarating world of Rush Copper de Luxe 10ml poppers. Designed for those who seek heightened sensations, this signature edition poppers deliver an immediate and intense rush, perfect for enhancing intimate moments. Rush Copper de Luxe ensures a potent and reliable experience every time you indulge. Whether...

Image Rush Butanol 10ml Poppers Strenght 4 out of 5
  • -20%
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Regular price €8.90 -20% https://www.poppers-aromas.eu/1803-home_default/rush-butanol-poppers-10ml.jpg 7.12 EUR Price €7.12

Rush Butanol 10ml. Experience an intense rush with Rush Butanol 10ml poppers. Specially formulated to provide an immediate and powerful effect, this poppers enhance your senses and elevate your intimate moments. Made with butanol, it delivers a potent experience every time. Perfect for those looking to amplify their pleasure, this 10ml bottle offers pure...

Image Rush Brut Premium 10ml Strenght 3 out of 5
  • -20%
  • New
Regular price €8.90 -20% https://www.poppers-aromas.eu/1800-home_default/rush-brut-poppers-premium-10ml.jpg 7.12 EUR Price €7.12

Rush Brut Premium 10ml. Experience the ultimate in intense stimulation with Rush Brut Premium 10ml. This top-tier poppers is formulated for those who crave a powerful, immediate rush that amplifies every intimate moment. Made with high-quality amyl nitrite, Rush Brut Premium ensures a consistent and potent effect, pushing pleasure to its peak. Perfect for...

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Who are we? 

Founded in 2005 Poppers-Aromas is an online store for your purchases of poppers, aromas and accessories. Our online store, Poppers-Aromas is situated in Rennes, France. We are the leaders on the market of poppers and aromas and our team is made of professional and skilled members always available.

Indeed we pride ourselves on several years of experience online and to select the most suitable poppers. We have expertise in nitrites and our team at Poppers-Aromas is available to answer all your questions to which we will try to respond as quickly as possible. Poppers-Aromas is also on social networks so don't hesitate to follow us if you want to enjoy all our numerous exclusive special offers that we regularly post! Subscribe to our newsletter as well and get special offers only for our loyal customers. 

Poppers-aromas is also an efficient logistics team! Order poppers now and your order will be processed in 24 hours!
You will have the choice between our different carriers and our parcels are discreet and made with care.

With Poppers-Aromas you choose to buy your poppers on a secure website based in France and with a professional and skilled team always available to cater to your needs in nitrites. Indeed we have a telephone number where you can reach us from 9am to 5p.m (UTC+1). Buying poppers on Poppers-Aromas is the guarantee for quality products whatever the type of nitrite with the best delivery time and for parcels made with care.

Our catalogue is regularly updated and Poppers-Aromas renew their stocks regularly too. New products are also often put forward so that you can discover amyl poppers or pentyl poppers or propyl poppers, sex accessories and even stimulants.

You are a professional and you are looking for a partner to distribute poppers in your business: visit our poppers wholesaler website Poppers-Store.eu.

¿Habla español o su dirección de entrega es en España? Visite nuestro sitio para comprar poppers en España.

For any complaint, feel free to contact us at contact@poppers-aromas.eu.


Buy the best poppers at the best price

With Poppers-Aromas buy the best poppers, the best brands at the best price. We sell all the nitrites authorized for sale in France and in the EU: amyl nitrites, pentyl nitrites or propyl nitrites are available.

Our catalogue is regularly updated so Poppers-Aromas can optimise its stock management and offer new products as amyl, propyl, pentyl, sexual accessories and stimulants.

You will find the best brands on Poppers-Aromas. Discover the solid poppers, those imported from Canada as Jungle Juice by Lockerroom, Jungle Juice Platinum, Fist, Blue Boy, Amsterdam or Pig Black.

Poppers-Aromas has over one hundred references for sale ranging from the bottle of Jungle Juice to Everest Aromas and even Amsterdam. Our team select carefully their suppliers for an optimal customer experience. This allows us to deliver a wide range at the best prices so that you can find the classic aromas but also the latest ones. 

If you're looking for pentyl, propyl or amyl nitrites, Poppers-Aromas gives you the opportunity to buy your bottle of inhalant by the piece or in packs at the best possible price. You can mix the different types of nitrites for an exceptional experience.


Buying packs of poppers

Buy a pack of poppers for over €60 and the delivery will be free for the UK (see our terms and conditions on the page entitled Delivery).


What type of poppers can I buy?

Poppers-Aromas has a wide range of products that go from soft to strong aromas. All will depend on what to plan to do: will you use them for recreational use or for sexual use? Whatever the use, you will find all the types of nitrites available on our site.

Discover the amyl nitrites with Jungle Juice Gold Label, Tiger, Amyl, Pig Juice, Pig Black, Everest Brutal, Everest Premium

Experience propyl nitrites with Jungle Juice Platinum, Iron Horse, Juice Zero, Pig Black, Black Out, Blue Boy, Liquid Gold, Amsterdam Poppers, Jungle Juice Black Label…. 

Or you might prefer our pentyl poppers such as Everest Black Label, Amsterdam Black Label, Everest Original, Real Amsterdam, Jungle Juice Black Label, Lockerroom Gold, Lockerroom Blue Boy, Juice Zero, Jungle Juice Plus, Fist...

Our poppers contain alkyl nitrites.

Poppers are products that you inhale through your nose and that will bring you sexual arousal and effects that can last a few minutes. The effects and their duration will differ according to the type of nitrite you choose.


Means of payment

We accept the following means of payment :

  • Visa
  • Mastercard (debit or credit)

Poppers-Aromas is a secure French website. Feel free to read our page entitled Secure payment for more information. 

Rest assured that no mention of Poppers-Aromas will appear on your bank statement.

Poppers-Aromas is certified by the rating platform Ekomi and has the label excellence with over 5,000 ratings posted and checked.

We pride ourselves on a solid experience and are the European leaders in the sale of poppers.


Wholesale Poppers

You are a professional and you are looking for wholesale poppers for your business? Bar, sauna, disco, tobacco shop... Buy your poppers at wholesale price on our wholesale poppers website: Poppers Store. (Worldwide delivery).



We deliver our products from France to the countries situated all over Europe as well as North America. Our parcels are made with care by the logistics team and the delivery is fast and discreet. Indeed we thought it would be a great idea not to mention the name of our website on your parcels.

For more information, feel free to read our page entitled Shipping.


Only at Poppers-Aromas

Discover Everest Premium Certainly the strongest type of poppers made from 95% of pure amyl made in France. 


Extra information 

All our products are genuine ones produced from amyl, pentyl or propyl nitrites and supplied by carefully chosen suppliers who guarantee transparency and quality on the products sold online. Our products are also stored in well-ventilated warehouses and kept away from light enabling us to preserve the quality of our products.


Loyalty Rewards

For each order you place on Poppers-aromas.eu, you will receive 5% of your order in points. Wich represents 5 points for every 10€ of purchase.

At any time, you can redeem your loyalty points for discount vouchers on your next purchase.

To convert your loyalty rewards into discount vouchers, simply go to your account, in the section “My Rewards Account” then click on “Transforming my points into a discount voucher”. All you have to do is use this coupon the next time you order Poppers.