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How To Use Poppers?

These legal products sold in small glass bottles are often criticized, even banned, and considered as non-legal drugs such as in Canada and some European countries. But in the end, widely talked about. Besides inhaling alkyl nitrites (amyl, propyl or, pentyl) is often badly considered.

But who are the people who inhale this small bottle of alkyl nitrites? And by the way, how to use poppers, and what are their high effects? What does it feel like? Are they safe for your health? We'll answer all these questions about alkyl nitrites in this article and you can even learn more by reading our page entitled What are poppers?

Who uses Poppers?

A French chemist named Jérôme Balard made amyl nitrite in 1850. It was then used as a medical treatment to help people with anginas but it wasn't called poppers at that time. The first ones to experience liquid poppers were thus French patients suffering from health problems such as anginas.

Later in the 1960s, and 1970s, poppers and their different nitrites, were diverted from their initial use by gay men. Poppers were inhaled in clubs or intimate places for their high benefits in sex, delaying ejaculations and dilating mucous membranes. So at the time, poppers were associated with the gay community before they became more widespread in the 1990s and attracted new users.

However, according to a survey carried out in the US, it turns out that poppers are mostly used by gay men. Their body-relaxing effects are ideal for anal sexual activities. Yet small poppers bottles are not only for gay men and are more commonplace today and not only sold in sex shops. It is now easy to buy your nitrite bottle in different places as nightclubs, tobacconists' and online of course. The number of online shops selling poppers is rapidly increasing (watch out for websites selling counterfeited inhalants).

Poppers audience is increasing as fast as their reputation.

Why is the use of Poppers increasing?

As said above, this legal recreational liquid substance in a bottle has been getting more commonplace for some years now. Unlike alcohol or drugs such as cocaine, you can't feel physically addicted to poppers nitrite, so the sale of these liquid products isn't forbidden.

If you decide to travel, make sure you're informed about the local legislation, we never know.

Sold by unit or in a pack, poppers will help enhance your sex experience, increase your sexual performance and give you euphoric instants for a limited duration. They will also accelerate your heart rate. These are the main effects of poppers.

Many brands have become popular among poppers lovers, such as Rush Poppers, Amsterdam,... It's important to buy your poppers bottle from safe sources to ensure an enjoyable experience. 

Why do people like their effect so much?

Poppers enthusiasts inhale this liquid substance mainly for 2 reasons: recreational use and sexual one. What does it feel like? As for recreational use, they inhale them to feel heat flush through the body, a rush of euphoria and to lose their inhibitions. As far as sex is concerned, people inhale these products for the dilation of intimate muscles and to optimize their sex life.

Remember that the high effects will be different depending on the type of nitrites that you choose (amyl nitrite, propyl nitrite or pentyl nitrite).

Health-related risks

There are a few precautions for safe use:

Do not mix poppers substance and other drugs such as weed, cocaine, ecstasy...

Do not use alkyl nitrites with laughing gas as nitrous oxide.

Do not use it if you suffer from health issues such as a heart condition due to an increase in your heart rate. It can be very dangerous.

If you experience unusual effects such as sight problems or the loss of your balance, stop inhaling immediately.

NEVER mix sex pills (Viagra, Kamagra, Cialis...) with poppers.

don't put poppers on hands

Need to know more about Poppers?

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