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As you may not know there are several types of poppers and not just one. Indeed what we generally call poppers is actually a substance that belongs to the group of alkyl nitrites. So there are different sorts of poppers and nitrites that will produce different effects while inhaling. Those nitrites can range from soft to strong and from short to long lasting effects.


  • Amyl nitrite
  • Pentyl nitrite
  • Propyl nitrites
  • Hexyl nitrites

The last one is butyl nitrite which is banned in some countries. For more information, Everything you want to know about poppers.


This amyl nitrite is the historical one which was a true success in the 70s. It is also among the strongest ones on the market. With its strong smell on inhaling, amyl nitrite is commonly used by connoisseurs. The effects of amyl nitrite last longer than other formulas but its rush is progressive. The aromas are ideal to party and choosing an amyl nitrite is the guarantee of losing your inhibitions and living in euphoria after opening a magical bottle.

Warning: contrary to France where amyl nitrites are sold over the counter, other countries may consider them illegal. Some famous brands of amyl nitrites are: Everest Premium, Gate, Amyl24Everest Poppers Brutal, Pig Black...

amyl poppers bottles


Products made from pentyl nitrite are bestsellers on the market of poppers. Indeed they're famed for their instant rush and their strong effects of euphoria. We recommend this range to the connoisseurs and those wishing to inhale some during sex.

Another advantage is the slow evaporation of pentyl nitrites, which could help have a break without losing any product. They evaporate twice less fast than other nitrites. The most famous ones are named: Iron Fist Black LabelEnglish Pentyl big poppersBB Pentyl, Everest Original, Everest Black Label, Adler...

pentyl poppers bottles


Propyl nitrite is now totally legal after having been banned for years. As it is the strongest product on the market, authorities preferred to ban it for fear that they should have bad long-term effects on people's health although no study has ever proved that propyl nitrite can be harmful. As a consequence, many authorities decided to lift the ban.

Propyl nitrite is also the product which was made more accessible during the 80s.

Some famous brands are: Pur Propyl, Amsterdam, rush poppers, All Black... 

propyl poppers bottles


Many poppers enthusiasts consider this formula as the most efficient for dilation and also for improving the quality and intensity of orgasms while having sex.

You have probably understood that this type of product is mainly used for intimate moments.

However, we draw it to your attention that butyl nitrite is a strong product to be used by connoisseurs or those having tested other different types of poppers.

Since January 2017, the sale of butyl nitrite has been prohibited throughout the EU.


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