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Poppers Everest Premium 15ml with a large bottleneck. You might already know Everest premium poppers but this edition is in a new bottle made with a wider opening. The wider the bottleneck, the stronger and faster the effects will be! Premium Everest poppers are made of 95% pure amyl nitrite. Make sure you are ready for an amazing time and a powerful... 8.4 EUR Price €8.40

Amyl 10ml. This poppers has the exact same formula as its big brother the Amyl Poppers in 24ml but in a smaller size of 10ml. Its vasodilator effects are recommended to regular customers because they are extremely strong and powerful! It also provides rapid and long-lasting sensations. Be ready to enjoy an intense sex session. Composed of Amyl nitrite... 17.9 EUR Price €17.90

Everest Premium Ultra Strong Poppers. Get a taste of the strongest amyl poppers you can find! If you have already tried the original version of the Everest Premium Poppers you'll know its juice is already strong, imagine it can be even more so.   This Everest Premium Ultra Strong is available in a 15ml bottle with a wide bottle neck. A large opening for... 10.4 EUR Price €10.40

This AMYL POPPERS is ultra-strong not only intensifies, but also aims to prolong any sexual activities, making sex now not only ultra strong but also ultra-long... made with Amyl nitrite in Europe.   24ml amyl poppers 10.4 EUR Price €10.40

Are you looking for powerful and intense sensations during sex or parties? Le Jus Amyl Base poppers is for you! Made from amyl nitrite, one of the strongest molecules, it will make you forget all your inhibitions in a few moments. It will not impact erectile functions during sex and will completely relax your smooth muscles. Its 24ml format is more than... 11.9 EUR Price €11.90

Amyl 15ml. This Strong French poppers arrives at Poppers Aromas to give you explosive sensations of euphoria. Based on amyl, as its name indicates, the 15ml bottle has a wider bottleneck, which will allow you to feel its aromas more intensely and speed up the disinhibition process.    Amyl nitrite 15ml bottle Made in France 8.4 EUR Price €8.40

This popper is made from amyl nitrite as its name suggests and will provide very euphoric and disinhibiting effects as it is one of the most powerful molecules. Ideal for all your recreational parties, it will relax all the muscles of your body and you will feel totally relaxed a few seconds after its use. It is packaged in a small 10 ml bottle so you can... 19.9 EUR Price €19.90

Amyl Déjà-Vu Poppers 30ml. For lovers of the amyl poppers, Déjà-Vu will take you back to the wild years of poppers. One of the strongest poppers you'll ever find, thanks to it's pure quality amyl nitrite. Its 30ml Strong format will transform your evening between heightened senses and vasodilating effects. Déjà-Vu Poppers is therefore a must for any party... 10.4 EUR Price €10.40

Amyl Titanium Poppers 24ml.This poppers is extremely strong and composed of amyl nitrite. It is recommended for people who are used to taking poppers. Experience new sensual and brutal adventures with a curious partner. Amyl Titanium will quickly bring you a new very intense and long-lasting sensations! Don't miss this unique amyl titaniul poppers...... 11.9 EUR Price €11.90

The strong aromas Poppers with Amyl nitrite in an unbreakable aluminum bottle: IRON FIST. IRON FIST originated in the Berlin kink scene and has now made its way to our shores. One of the best Poppers ever. We understand the formula is super strong and only a little is required for perfection. Easy to travel within its packet bottle.   30ml poppers Amyl... 11.9 EUR Price €11.90

The GATE AMYL NITRITE POPPERS, the poppers made with 100% of amyl nitrate . The Gate is characterized by its premium quality and meeting the highest standards: it is extremely strong and long lasting. 15ml 10.4 EUR Price €10.40

Titanium poppers 24ml. Discover a delicious new world created by Liquid Colors, a selection of French poppers made by the chemist Doctor Colors, on Poppers Aromas. This experienced retired hippie puts his potential to work with what he calls his elixir: poppers. With Titanium poppers, Doctor Colors opens the door to party aromas. Its name is inspired by... 11.9 EUR Price €11.90

Discover the incomparable Amyl poppers in its 30 ml format, an authentic aphrodisiac aroma that will take you to unprecedented heights of pleasure. This product is known for its amyl-based formula, which gives potency and long-lasting effects, perfect for those looking for a unique stimulating experience.   This 30ml poppers comes in an elegant glass... 11.9 EUR Price €11.90

Amyl Poppers 24ml with a wide mouth. The new edition of the renowned Amyl Poppers comes in a bottle with a wider mouthpiece for stronger, faster effects! Contains 24ml of amyl nitrite. Strong, ultra-powerful flavour. Its strong PVC bottle will prevent your precious vial from breaking. We recommend you only try it if you're an experienced user, it's one of... 8.4 EUR Price €8.40

The Rush poppers brand is back with the perfect Rush Gold poppers! The product contained in a 10ml bottle allows you to achieve a powerful super rush at an unbeatable price. Aroma based on amyl nitrite, for a strong and perfect rush! Don't be fooled by the size of the bottle as the juice effects are strong. To make your own opinion, you just have to try... 8.4 EUR Price €8.40

Cowboy Black Label Poppers 10ml. Ready to get in the game and let yourself be guided... This amyl nitrite Cowboy poppers will make you experience a powerful rodeo! This cowboy edition is a black label formula for stronger and longer-lasting effects. Play with it wherever you want thanks to its 10ml poppers bottle.     10ml Amyl nitrite Black Label Formula 30.9 EUR Price €30.90

Dive into a world of pleasure with our 3-pack of 30ml Amyl Poppers. Each bottle in this set is loaded with the powerful amyl formula that will take you to new heights of stimulation. Enjoy the intensity and durability that only Amyl can offer.   Each bottle comes in an elegant Boston glass format, not only for a stunning presentation, but also to maintain... 8.4 EUR Price €8.40

Amsterdam XXX Pride. The famous Belgian brand Amsterdam pays tribute to the LGBT community with this ultra-strong poppers containing amyl. This poppers will increase your desire, your pleasure and consequently your libido during your many sexual encounters. It will give you intense feelings, heat throughout your body and dilation from the first use. It... 10.4 EUR Price €10.40

Are you looking for Xtra strong effects? Liquid Amyl poppers are made for you! With its amyl nitrite formula, which is one of the strongest molecules, it will awaken all your senses. Ideal for the more experienced, it will also suit people in search of extreme sensations. Your muscles will be relaxed and you will be able to push your limits with Liquid... 8.4 EUR Price €8.40

Meta Amyl Poppers 10ml. Feel like discovering new intense and euphoric effects? Then Meta Poppers is made for you! Bring them to your parties and share a moment of intense power with friends or lovers. Meta Amyl Poppers is, as the name suggests, made from stabilised amyl nitrite, the most potent molecule available. Ready for the Secret Gotha formula?... 8.4 EUR Price €8.40

Rush poppers is back! Feedbacks are unanimous for Super Rush Black Label: it's the amyl nitrite based poppers you have to try! This juice with the sweet name of Super Rush Black Label is available in a 10ml bottle at the best price. In stock, its amyl nitrite aroma will seduce those who wish to use Super Rush poppers for the stimulating aphrodisiac... 8.4 EUR Price €8.40

Moustache poppers 10ml, is a strong poppers with a unique and original design. A fun way to have a good time sexually. Its vasodilator action causes euphoria and relaxation, increasing the erection, amplifying orgasms and delaying ejaculation. Let this glass bottle evaporate in the room to feel its effects. Close the bottle tightly after use.    10ml... 8.4 EUR Price €8.40

Discover the mini version of Juic'd Gold Label poppers in a 10ml bottle. Handy to take everywhere, it is small but powerful thanks to its amyl nitrite formula, the most potent molecule on the market. Let the aphrodisiacal aromas of this poppers enchant you and give you a feeling of total release and relaxation.    For the experienced or thrill seekers... 10.4 EUR Price €10.40

An explosion of sensations awaits you with Juic'd Maximum 24 ml poppers. Its maximum strength is due to amyl nitrite, purified and stabilised, which will give you ultra-potent effects. Use it alone or in the company of friends, or in intimacy with your partner. More effect, more fun, maximum libido!   Ultra strong flavour Pure and stabilised molecule 24ml... 49.9 EUR Price €49.90

Why settle for less when you can have more at the best price? Our 5-Pack 30ml Amyl Poppers is the perfect choice for lovers of aphrodisiac pleasure who are looking for a long-lasting and intense experience.   Each bottle in this pack is composed of amyl nitrite and comes in a Boston glass bottle, which helps preserve the quality and freshness of the... 10.4 EUR Price €10.40

Meet the Platinum version of Juic'd poppers. This scent is for those who are looking for intense and long-lasting fun. Its amyl-based formula provides sensations of disinhibition and excitement.   Juic'd Platinum is contained in a 24ml opaque glass bottle, which helps preserve its aromas for longer. From the first use you will feel the warmth invade your... 10.4 EUR Price €10.40

Amyl 24ml. For your greatest pleasure, we offer you the new Amyl 24ml exclusively! This aroma is one of the most requested in the poppers society. The Amyl poppers formula is of course based on amyl nitrite, which gives it effects of unequalled power. A big hot flash, followed by total disinhibition to indulge your fantasies. Because it is very strong, we... 10.4 EUR Price €10.40

Bad 24ml. Ready for explosive sensory adventures? Bad is a new vasodilator available exclusively in our shop. Its aroma is protected by a new bottle shape which is thin but long. It contains 24ml of extra strong juice! For endless parties or for long hours of pleasure, Bad Poppers will be your companion. This is not for the faint-hearted, it contains amyl... 9.9 EUR Price €9.90

Looking for a sexual enhancer? Liquid Amyl Xtra Strong, in its 15ml format, will relax you, dilate your smooth muscles, for an evening full of heat and disinhibition. This poppers is composed of amyl nitrite, one of the most potent molecules. To feel its effects, all you need to do is open the bottle and let its aromas fill your room. The result is up to... 11.9 EUR Price €11.90

Amyl Pocket 30 ml. Think big with Amyl Pocket poppers thanks to its 30 ml bottle. Amyl Pocket poppers come in an indestructible aluminium bottle. Its formula is made of amyl nitrite. Its fresh aroma and power will seduce you. Within minutes, its intensity hits and the high lasts. This product is not for beginners but for the more experienced due to its...

Buy Amyl Poppers

Poppers are sold in bottles containing different substances. These substances derived from alkyl nitrite are called nitrites and give effects that are more or less different. Indeed, poppers are composed of pentyl, propyl or even amyl nitrites.

Amyl-based poppers are very well known. The use of amyl poppers has been increasing these last years.


The history of amyl poppers

Amyl nitrite was synthesised by a French chemist named Antoine Jérôme Balard. This “historical” alkyl-based nitrite was created in 1844 and aimed at curing and relieving angina. Poppers were then used for their health benefits.

Their use was later diverted and sold in bottles: poppers became popular for their recreational effects (sexual and festive)

But why use the word “poppers” when we talk about nitrite? This term comes from the origin of nitrite. Indeed, the substance, sold as a medication, was contained in glass phials and commonly nicknamed “pop”, the sound made when patients would open them.

The poppers formulas containing pentyl, propyl and butyl nitrites were created much later.

The often confused amyl nitrite and amyl nitrate are two totally different substances. Amyl nitrate is an additive for diesel that has nothing to do with amyl nitrite!


NB: you’ll see three different spellings for amyl nitrite: amyle or amyl, the first being French while the other is English but both are the same substances. There is also Amyl and Isoamyl which are exactly the same nitrite. 

Amyl nitrite

Synthesised amyl poppers are among the strongest sold in the world. There are amyl-based poppers that are more or less strong. Some amyl poppers are also mixed with other nitrites: they then become nitrite mix poppers with more or less strong effects or sensations depending on their formula.

The smell of poppers vapours is strong and can be unpleasant for some people who are not used to using them.

This type of poppers is also an efficient and renowned vasodilator.


The effect of amyl nitrite 

While inhaling the vapours of amyl nitrite, a strong rush can be felt. It is one of the strongest poppers, providing one of the strongest effects. The effects are many: a strong euphoria, sensations of intense heat, muscular relaxation, dizziness…

At Poppers Aromas, we recommend our beginners wishing to start experimenting poppers not to choose amyl poppers for a start since amyl is extremely strong.

Despite their strength and reputation as strong poppers, amyl poppers have few side effects.


To sum it up 

  • Amyl nitrite is derived from alkyl nitrite 
  • This type of poppers was first created by a French chemist to treat heart diseases
  • This nitrite is one of the strongest
  • The effects of amyl: strong rushes, a temporary euphoria, sexual arousal...
  • The duration of these effects lasts a few minutes (2 to 5 minutes)
  • Do not mix up amyl nitrite and amyl nitrate
  • Nitrite-based products do not cause any physical addiction
  • This kind of poppers is famous for its vasodilating effects