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MAXI VOLUM 60 capsules. The Maxi Volum sexual stimulant "sperm" (contains 60 natural aphrodisiac capsules) will be a real asset for your libido with your partner. This booster will increase the quantity and quality of your sperm thanks to the Saffron they contain and Maca powder. Use this food supplement to impress your partner(s) with longer and more... 34.9 EUR Price €34.90

Sperm Volume Caps XPower. Sperm Volume Caps, from the famous French range XPower by Labophyto, are food supplements that will help you to increase your sperm volume and improve your erection. These capsules are composed of natural plants including saffron, as well as carnitine, taurine, tribulus, vitamins B5, B12 and E. We recommend taking 2 capsules a... 29.9 EUR Price €29.90

Men Size XL 60 capsules. MenSize XL sexual stimulant is designed to increase erection, thus boosting libido and sexual performance with your partner. Formulated from 100% natural ingredients, Men Size XL contains 60 stimulating capsules. Each ingredient has specific aphrodisiac properties: Liveche: Enhance sexual power Ginseng: Improve erection... 54.9 EUR Price €54.90

SUPRAMEN 20 capsules, 4 in 1 aphrodisiac. SupraMen sex booster is one of the best-selling products on the sexual stimulant market. This food supplement, made in France, strengthens sexual power and desire and delays ejaculation by prolonging the erection. Sexual vitality is restored. SupraMen, is a sexual stimulant that has 4 aphrodisiac properties to... 24.9 EUR Price €24.90

Testo Man 60 capsules. The French laboratory Labophyto, specialist in sexual stimulants, offers you its testosterone-boosting sexual stimulant: Testo Man. With Tribulus extracts, enriched with caffeine and vitamins B5, B6 and D, TestoMan capsules will increase your sexual performance and improve your erection.   Sexual Stimulant made in France Box of 60... 52.9 EUR Price €52.90

Titan XXL 20 capsules. Titan XXL is a special sexual stimulant for long-lasting experiences. This product has been designed for men who want to achieve stronger erections, increased sexual desire and, above all, lasting pleasure to satisfy their partner for as long as possible.   With Titan XXL sexual stimulant, you can prolong your intercourse and much... 22.9 EUR Price €22.90

Top Virgin gel 60 ml. Discover Top Virgin intimate gel from the renowned French brand Labophyto, now available at Poppers Aromas. This product is designed for women wishing to tighten the walls of their vagina following childbirth, for example, or feeling a relaxation of the muscles in order to obtain more intense orgasms. TopVirgin 60 ml gel is made with... 29.9 EUR Price €29.90

MAXI CONTROL 60 capsules. Ejaculation problems? Maxi Control capsules are an excellent sexual stimulant if you are experiencing common difficulties with premature ejaculation, short sexual intercourse or decreased sexual performance...   Maxi Control will remedy this and improve sexual performance and libido: Delay ejaculation thanks to Asparagus... 34.9 EUR Price €34.90

XL POWER, 10 capsules 4 in 1. Choose XL Power to improve your sexual performance thanks to the natural ingredient: Tribulus. This booster will increase your libido and prolonged pleasure through an intensified erection.    XL Power capsules are a 4-in-1 aphrodisiac sexual stimulant: Improve erection Increase testosterone levels Improve the quality of your... 59.9 EUR Price €59.90

XL POWER, 20 capsules 4 in 1. XL Power Sexual Stimulant (20 capsules) improves sexual performance and libido during sex with intensified pleasure and erections. XL Power Sexual Stimulant is a 4 in 1 aphrodisiac with several benefits for your sexual performance: Improve erection Increase testosterone levels Improve the quality of your sperm Improve blood... 29.9 EUR Price €29.90

SUPRAMEN 10 capsules, 4 in 1 aphrodisiac. Based on natural ingredients, SupraMen sexual stimulant has everything to please you! SupraMen aphrodisiac sex booster is one of the best selling sexual stimulants. SupraMen increases sexual power and pleasure and delays ejaculation by prolonging the erection.   In just one capsule, SupraMen helps to improve 4... 24.9 EUR Price €24.90

Top Bust Bust Volume Gel 60ml. Top Bust gel is a firming gel for the breasts. It is ideal for people who want to enhance their décolleté and improve the firmness of their breasts. Made from castor oil, which has a nourishing and moisturising action, and focus, which helps to tone breast tissues and give the bust a firmer appearance. Packaged in a 60ml... 29.9 EUR Price €29.90

MEN BOOSTER 60 capsules. The natural sexual stimulant Menbooster (60 capsules) improves sexual performance and testosterone levels in men thanks to the medicinal plant tribulus. These erection pills are sexual stimulants made in France by Labophyto.   Men Booster sexual stimulant helps to maintain testosterone levels in men with several carefully selected... 24.9 EUR Price €24.90

Top Bust Labophyto Firm and shapely breasts 60 capsules. This one-month Labohpyto Top Bust supplement is suitable for those who want to increase the firmness and shape of their breasts, as well as for those who are dissatisfied with the size of their breasts. This food supplement will stimulate the mammary glands to enlarge the breasts. These are made... 32.9 EUR Price €32.90

Penis Size and Volume Caps (60 capsules). Discover the Penis Size Caps dietary supplement from the French brand Labophyto. These capsules are designed to improve erection and penis size. Who's it for? The Penis Size Caps cure is suitable for people seeking powerful erections and who also want to increase the size of their penis. This supplement is... 52.9 EUR Price €52.90

ERECTAB 20 capsules. Erectab sexual stimulant for men makes erection and virility rhyme. Why use it? You are not satisfied with your erections, you lack energy and your libido is affected. You will quickly see an improvement in your daily sexual performance with Erectab to achieve more extreme sexual performance. This food supplement is based on plants,... 16.9 EUR Price €16.90

Bois Bandé 60 capsules. Bois bandé is a natural food supplement made from Muira Puama for sexual stimulation. Containing 60 vegetal capsules this booster will help with physical and mental resistance.    Aphrodisiac stimulant Made in France by Labophyto 60 capsules of Muira Puama   Recommendations for use: 2 capsules a day with a large glass of water. 24.9 EUR Price €24.90

TOP DESIRE 60 capsules. The Top Desire sexual stimulant for women is an aphrodisiac product that will boost a woman's sexual desire. This special sexual stimulant will suit any female and is ideal for women with a low libido due to hormonal imbalances such as the menopause. Top Desire capsules have the power to stimulate your desire while providing... 34.9 EUR Price €34.90

INTIMACY CBD Evielab, taste these 70 CBD pearls with the power of intense pleasure. Made from natural terpenes, they are a combination of CBD and CBG (cannabigerol). These pearls have an exciting, energizing and relaxing effect. Rediscover your partner's flesh with sensuality thanks to these incredible pearls. THC FREE. Place under the tongue and allow it... 34.9 EUR Price €34.90

Evielab Pure CBD. The American brand Evielab CBD introduces its new formula: Pure CBD! A container of 70 sublingual pearls of natural and purified CBD. CBD Evielab is the new face of CBD consumption. Precisely designed, each pearl has exactly 5mg of CBD, which allows total control over the desired quantity. Pure CBD Evielab does not contain THC. Place... 34.9 EUR Price €34.90

TestoPerf Labophyto Sexual power 20 capsules. Discover the TestoPerf capsules from the famous Labophyto Laboratory, which will help you boost your energy, virility and sexual performance. Labophyto's TestoPerf capsules are made from natural, high-quality ingredients.    Discover the effects of TestoPerf capsules:  Increased testosterone levels Improved...

Sex Boosters on Poppers Aromas

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