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List of products by brand Amsterdam

Active filters 10.4 EUR Price €10.40

Amsterdam poppers. The spirit of Amsterdam is alive in this robust poppers. After more than twenty years, this extra strong formula is one of the best sellers ever! Millions of bottles of Amsterdam Poppers have been sold all around the world. Made with 95% isopropyl nitrite, its formula remains unique. Indeed, it has an excellent reputation among poppers... 11.9 EUR Price €11.90

Amsterdam Poppers Cosmic Power. Ride the cosmic wave with this version of the famous Amsterdam XXX poppers. Its extra-pure pentyl-based formula will surprise you with its vasodilating and euphoric effects. Amsterdam XXX Cosmic Power is contained in a 24 ml glass bottle. Its opacity protects the popper from direct contact with light, as well as the box in... 10.4 EUR Price €10.40

Amsterdam Poppers Cleaner New Formula 24ml. Amsterdam poppers are classic flavours for those who know their powerful vasodilating effects. There are many different versions and molecules on the market, which is why we at Poppers Aromas would like to introduce a new version: Amsterdam The Cleaner, New Formula. It is made of amyl nitrite, the most potent... 10.4 EUR Price €10.40

Amsterdam Black Label 24ml. Extend pleasure with the Black Label vasodilator from the famous Amsterdam poppers brand. Guarantee of high-quality strong poppers thanks to Amyl nitrite.  24ml bottle Amyl nitrite

Amsterdam is a historic poppers brand created in the 1980s. Today, Amsterdam poppers are manufactured in Canada. The Amsterdam brand has a wide range of poppers available in several size: 10ml, 15ml or 24ml. Available in packs or individually according to your needs and desires.

10 ml Amsterdam 

Enjoy the strong aromas of the Amsterdam brand in small yet powerful 10ml poppers bottles. Slip it into your bag or pocket to make the most of your nights out! These 10ml formulas are ideal for discreetly enhancing your parties and torrid activities under the sheets. 

24 ml Amsterdam

These bigger sized bottles will delight Amsterdam poppers lovers. Enjoy the power of this formula in 24ml bottles the brand offers. Fill up on fun and euphoria for endless pleasure! These 24ml poppers bottles will be your favourite companions to make your nights memorable.