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Image Meta Pentyl Poppers 10ml Strenght 3 out of 5
  • -20%
Regular price €8.40 -20% 6.72 EUR Price €6.72

Meta Pentyl Poppers 10ml. Enter a cosmic world with Meta Pentyl Nitrite Poppers. Known for its intense, vasodilating effect, Meta Pentyl Poppers will be your best ally. To use it, simply open the bottle in a closed space and let yourself be carried away by the effects of this magical juice.    Small 10ml bottle The Meta Poppers series is also available in...

Everest Black Label 24ml Strenght 4 out of 5
  • -20%
Regular price €10.40 -20% 8.32 EUR Price €8.32

This is Everest Black Label, with its formula that guarantees you hornier and more perverse, exciting adventures. Adored by the English for its strength of character and its immediate effects. This popper is a must for all extra strong sensation lovers. Everest Black Label is made by Everest Aromas, it is one of the 7 wonders of the French poppers range.... 9.9 EUR Price €9.90

Iron Fist Black Label 10ml. Elevate your experiences and embrace the rush with Iron Fist Black Label Poppers. Contained in a 10ml bottle, each use unleashes a surge of untamed energy and exhilaration. Designed for the daring and adventurous, Iron Fist Black Label invites you to seize every moment and conquer your adventures with its strong pentyl formula.... 9.9 EUR Price €9.90

Iron Fist Ultra Strong 10ml. Prepare to experience intensity with Iron Fist Ultra Strong 10ml Poppers – the ultimate choice for those who seek unmatched power and exhilaration. Contained in a 10ml bottle, this premium Npentyl formulation delivers an explosive rush of euphoria. Designed for the bold and fearless, Iron Fist Ultra Strong is your key to... 10.4 EUR Price €10.40

Everest Climax 24ml Poppers. Reach peak pleasure with Everest Climax poppers from the French brand Everest Aromas! Specially designed to give you aphrodisiac effects, Everest Climax poppers contain pentyl nitrite (N-pentyl). It will definitely become your best partner in the bedroom.     24ml bottle N-Pentyl Poppers 11.9 EUR Price €11.90

Juic'd Cosmic Power Poppers. If you're a thrill-seeker, we'd like to introduce you to a poppers with extraordinary powers. Juic'd Cosmic Power is the new flavour that will take you on a journey to a world where pleasure and euphoria combine to give you satisfaction. Its extra-pure pentyl nitrite-based molecule will give you the disinhibition you're... 10.9 EUR Price €10.90

Discover the Original Black Label Poppers. This pentyl nitrite poppers, appreciated by fans of strong sensations, offers intense aphrodisiac effects. Let it releases pure and powerful aromas, thanks to its stabilised molecule, arousing intense sensations from the first time. Reserved only for the most experienced, given its potency, Original Black Label... 11.9 EUR Price €11.90

Iron Fist Black Label Poppers. Discover the new version of one of your favourite poppers: Iron Fist in Black Label! You will be able to enjoy its powerful and aphrodisiac effects, thanks to its pentyl aroma. Close to amyl nitrite, pentyl will make you feel a sense of disinhibition. Its great dilating power will convince sodomy or fisting enthusiasts.... 11.9 EUR Price €11.90

Le Jus Cosmic Power Poppers. Travel to faraway lands with the great poppers from the Le Jus brand: Cosmic Power poppers. This poppers is made from stabilized pentyl nitrite and will give you aphrodisiac and euphoric effects for all your romantic and party moments. Enjoy its heavenly aroma by leaving the bottle of Le Jus Cosmic Power poppers released in a... 11.9 EUR Price €11.90

Iron Fist Ultra Strong poppers 24ml. Looking to spice up your nights even more? We have exactly what you need! Iron Fist Ultra Strong will make you live an unforgettable night thanks to its strong pentyl nitrite formula. Stronger, faster, the Iron Fist poppers Ultra Strong is the perfect companion for your erotic evenings, alone or with others. The... 8.4 EUR Price €8.40

The ingredients of this hot and strong Everest Original were yet again strengthened with a special blend of aromas, resulting in extremely enhanced effect: the Original from Everest Aromas. Experience an entirely new level of intense feelings. Pentyl nitrite 10ml poppers

Image Meta Pentyl poppers 24ml Strenght 3 out of 5
  • -20%
Regular price €11.90 -20% 9.52 EUR Price €9.52

Meta Pentyl poppers 24 ml. Discover the power of Meta Pentyl poppers, perfect for intense sensory experiences. Get ready to be carried away in a world of euphoria and extreme pleasure. Its 24ml bottle guarantees a strong and long-lasting experience.  Meta Propyl will be your best companion for your erotic nights, solo or with others, thanks to its... 11.9 EUR Price €11.90

Rush Cosmic Power Poppers. Captain Rush comes from another galaxy, with a new version of his precious aroma: Rush Cosmic Power. This 24ml poppers will give you a unique experience, thanks to its composition based on extra pure pentyl, one of the most powerful molecules in the Popper's Society.    Let yourself be overcome by its cosmic powers and enjoy a... 10.4 EUR Price €10.40

Discover Juic'd poppers in Black Label version. Made from pentyl nitrite, its molecule is perfect for its sexual effects. All your muscles will relax and dilate after a few huffs. You will experience a feeling of total release.   The effects of this popper are known to be powerful and aphrodisiac, so let yourself be tempted by Juic'd Black Label poppers... 19.9 EUR Price €19.90

Meta Pentyl Poppers 10 ml. Enter a cosmic world thanks to Meta Pentyl Poppers, made from pentyl nitrite, as the name suggests. Known for its intense vasodilatory action, Meta Pentyl poppers will be your best ally for your erotic nights. To use, simply open the bottle in an enclosed space and let yourself be carried away by the euphoric effects of the... 8.4 EUR Price €8.40

Seeking new adventures? This 10ml bottle of pentyl nitrite will surprise you! Get to know the strong Original Black Label Poppers. Explore your intimacy like never before thanks to the vasodilating effects of this powerful poppers. In its 10ml small bottle, take it with you to every party to warm up the atmosphere and get rid of any complexes.     10ml... 10.4 EUR Price €10.40

BB Poppers Pentyl 24ml. Get strong effects with this BB poppers brand made in Europe. BB is available in a new formula with purified and stabilised Pentyl nitrite. 24ml of powerful aromas to enjoy your nights from the most entertaining to the most relaxing.    BB poppers 24ml Pentyl formula 11.9 EUR Price €11.90

Amsterdam Poppers Cosmic Power. Ride the cosmic wave with this version of the famous Amsterdam XXX poppers. Its extra-pure pentyl-based formula will surprise you with its vasodilating and euphoric effects. Amsterdam XXX Cosmic Power is contained in a 24 ml glass bottle. Its opacity protects the popper from direct contact with light, as well as the box in... 43.9 EUR Price €43.90

The Cosmic Power Poppers pack is making its debut in your favourite poppers shop to offer you both variety and savings. Rush, Juic'd, Le Jus and Amsterdam XXX are combined in a single pack, so you can enjoy 4 choices from the Cosmic Power range at the best price. The 4 vials in the cosmic pack are contained in 24 ml glass bottles, and are protected by an... 8.4 EUR Price €8.40

BB Poppers Pentyl 10ml. Even made to satisfy the most hardcore of popper lovers. BB poppers is available on Poppers Aromas in 10ml bottle with Pentyl nitrite. BB is made with a special powerful super formula with the use of purified and stabilized Pentyl juice. Get euphoric and disinhibating effects while prolonging your erections!    BB pentyl poppers... 10.4 EUR Price €10.40

Amsterdam XXX poppers. This poppers is undoubtedly one of the strongest of the famous Belgian brand Amsterdam. Made from pentyl nitrite, it will suit both those who are used to strong sensations thanks to its powerful smell, and those who want to discover new disinhibiting and euphoric effects. With its large 24ml format and its more than competitive... 8.4 EUR Price €8.40

The poppers brand Le Jus offers you Ultra Pentyl poppers in a small version of 10ml. Take it everywhere you go, whether it's for a party, with friends or for intimacy, it will be your best companion. Its effects are powerful thanks to its pentyl and pentanol nitrites, which are among the strongest molecules. Its safety cap allows to better preserve the... 8.4 EUR Price €8.40

Popper Fist Pentyl 10ml. Do you like extreme practices? This poppers is for you! As its name suggests, Fist Pentyl poppers is ideal for fisting and sodomy. Its pentyl molecule will dilate all your smooth muscles and help you push your boundaries. Let this aphrodisiac aroma relax and uninhibit you. Equipped with a safety cap, it can be taken anywhere and... 8.4 EUR Price €8.40

Cristal Rush 10ml Poppers. The famous Rush poppers brand is back with a powerful pentyl nitrite based poppers. Despite its small size of 10ml, the poppers Cristal Rush will surprise and satisfy you with its fast and intense power. This Cristal poppers is suitable for all your parties and sexual encounters. Enjoy intense orgasms!   Cristal Rush Pentyl... 10.4 EUR Price €10.40

The poppers brand Le Jus now offers you Ultra Pentyle poppers in a large format of 24ml. Choose this poppers with its new formula mixing pentyl nitrite and pentanol. It has a slight sweet smell that will surprise you. This poppers is suitable for everyone who wants to try poppers for the first time, as well as for experts of this recreational product.... 8.4 EUR Price €8.40

Do you like extra strong sensations? Then this Juic'd Black Label poppers is for you. Packaged in a small 10ml bottle, it will remain discreet and its effects will leave you with great memories. Its pentyl molecule will help you relax and a wave of heat will pass through your body to relax all your smooth muscles. Let yourself be transported by the Juic'd... 29.9 EUR Price €29.90

Meta Pentyl Poppers 10 ml. Designed for intense sensory experience lovers, Meta Pentyl poppers will take you to a world of euphoria and unforgettable pleasure. Each bottle contains 10ml of pentyl nitrite, which guarantees a powerful and long-lasting experience.  This aroma will take you on an exciting journey, where you can explore and experience a full... 10.4 EUR Price €10.40

King Gold poppers, based on pentyl nitrite (Pentyl N + Pentanol), is ideal for those who want to get the most out of their sexual relations. Its molecule makes it one of the strongest and most concentrated flavours, providing fast and powerful effects. Its 24ml glass bottle is equipped with a safety cap to prevent leakage or spillage. Also available in a... 9.9 EUR Price €9.90

Bleachers London Extra Strong Poppers 15ml. Discover this extra strong Bleachers Poppers to take everywhere with you thanks to its 15ml bottle. Bleachers London extra strong is made of very powerful pentyl nitrite. Don't hold back any longer, take full advantage by letting your body and mind wander...    Bleachers London poppers Extra strong Pentyl nitrite 8.4 EUR Price €8.40

Amsterdam XXX Ultra Strong Poppers. If you like pentyl-based poppers, then you'll love the 10ml version of Amsterdam XXX Ultra Strong. Its small glass bottle is fitted with an airtight safety cap that prevents leakage or spillage of your precious juice. Enjoy more intense nights thanks to its strong and long-lasting effect.            Aphrodisiac effects...

Buy Pentyl Poppers

Pentyl poppers derive from alkyl nitrite. There are several types of poppers. These poppers differ from the nitrite they’re made of, with more or less strong effects and for different uses. These uses can be sexual or festive.  We grant you that understanding the differences between poppers can be rather complex and even sometimes subtle. Among these nitrites, there's pentyl nitrite. What is the difference with the other poppers?


Pentyl nitrite

Pentyl poppers differ from the other alkyl nitrites with a substantial advantage: they keep better than the others. Indeed, the vapours of pentyl nitrite evaporate much slower than the other alkyl nitrites (propyl, amyl or even butyl nitrites). The pentyl aroma is also less scented than amyl.

The connoisseurs nicknamed it “strong poppers” since its effects are powerful. Pentyl poppers are in the same category as amyl as far as their strength is concerned. It can even make beginners cough!

You got it, pentyl poppers have powerful effects and this nitrite evaporates slower than the others. The fragrance of this aroma is also less strong than other “strong” poppers.


Using pentyl poppers

Used for their aphrodisiac properties, pentyl poppers stimulate desire. Indeed, this type of poppers is particularly appreciated in a sexual context as it’s less odorous than amyl poppers.


The effects and benefits of pentyl nitrite

  • Releases your pulsions
  • Aphrodisiac poppers arousing pleasure
  • Stimulates desire (Inhibitions)
  • Slower evaporation of the aroma 


Shelf life of pentyl poppers

Poppers are generally sold in bottles containing a mega pellet, a kind of protective ball inserted in the bottle helping to preserve the aromas. Thus, with this mega pellet, users can leave their bottles of poppers open as the protective ball enables a limited release of aromas. All the pentyl-based poppers don’t have a mega pellet. This type of poppers will always be less volatile than amyl or propyl poppers anyway. A bottle with a mega pellet will be an advantage for its shelf life!


Are pentyl poppers legal?

Pentyl poppers are absolutely legal in Europe. Indeed, since June 2013, the State Council annulled the ban of poppers (or alkyl nitrites). Only the butyl nitrites are still banned for sale and consumption in France. 

Check the existing laws in your country, amyl nitrites for instance are authorised only with a prescription in the US or Australia. This product isn’t legal everywhere, if travelling, make sure you’re well informed before taking your bottle of Jungle Juice Black or your Amsterdam in your luggage!


Some examples of pentyl 

In the family of pentyl nitrites, Poppers Aromas recommends the bestsellers:

  • Jungle Juice
  • Jungle Juice Black Label
  • Everest Black Label
  • Amsterdam
  • Amsterdam Black Label

These poppers have been sold for several decades and are known and renowned worldwide.


To sum it up

  • Zero addiction to poppers in general
  • Pentyl poppers have a better shelf life than other types of poppers 
  • With a mega pellet, the aroma is released more slowly (the mega pellet being the protective ball inside the bottle of poppers)
  • The effects of these poppers are powerful and more for sex
  • Pentyl causes the arousal of desire, it’s aphrodisiac (fewer inhibitions and enhanced sexual drive)
  • Its price can sometimes be higher (slower evaporation of aromas)
  • Some references: Jungle Juice Black Label, Amsterdam, Amsterdam Black Label or Everest Black Label