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Poppers are far from being new. They've been existing since the 19th century but they have been widespread for years. But why is there such a craze about these little bottles of inhalants ? Are they drugs ? Are they legal ? How do we use them and for what effects ? What are the best poppers ?

Follow the guide of poppers-aromas and you will discover everything you need to know about poppers.



Well it will depend on the country where you live and also on the type of nitrite that you will choose. For instance, Alkyl nitrites were prohibited for some time in some European countries but the ban was lifted when surveys showed that there were no harmful side effects.

Poppers are not drugs as they don't act on your brain.They will have different effects which will vary in intensity from one formula to another and will dilate your blood vessels. Therefore you can't be addicted to poppers either physically or psychologically.

Keep in mind that poppers aren't legal everywhere. For instance inhaling or selling them is prohibited in Canada or Brazil so if you wish to travel abroad make sure you check the local legislations.

For more information read our page entitled Poppers and local legislation.


It may sound surprising to you but poppers were first used as a treatment against anginas. Poppers were synthesized by a French chemist called Jérôme Balard and were invented at the end of the 19th century. People affected by anginas would then use poppers – which were called so at that time – to enjoy the benefits of amyl nitrites.

Later in the 1970s, the gay community adopted these little bottles with so many different properties. The effects of inhalants are many : feeling of dizziness, improvement of your sex performances, heat flushes and dilation of your anal muscles. But just for some instants.

Since the 1990s, poppers and their different nitrite formulas have been mainly used for 2 reasons :

-For sex: to relax intimate muscles and increase your sexual performances

-For fun: to lose inhibitions, experience a temporary dizziness and feel euphoric.

The effects you wish to experience are different depending on the type of nitrites you will inhale. So poppers have 2 different uses : a recreational one and a more intimate one. Today buying poppers is not only for the well informed happy-few but also for many types of thrill-seekers.

For more information, please read our page entitled The different uses of poppers.

mix of poppers


As many other types of products, poppers have some minor disadvantages that can disturb users sometimes for a few days. The most frequent ones can be headaches, small burns due to skin contact and very rarely respiratory problems.

In order to reduce these risks for your health, never mix poppers with sex pills as Viagra or Cialis since the risks of heart failure are high.


Poppers are all derived from alkyl nitrite. They are then modified to make other poppers with effects varied in intensity. There are 4 different types of nitrites:

-Amyl nitrite

-Propyl nitrite

-Pentyl nitrite

-Butyl nitrite (illegal in many countries)

For more information, please read our page entitled The different types of poppers on aromas.


Here is a question we're often asked : which one is the best ? Our answer is simple : all will depend on the effects you expect from poppers. Do you want to lose your inhibitions or dilate your blood vessels ? Is for a recreational or sexual use ?

All these questions are to be taken into account when dealing with the effects you wish to experience. There are however safe bets and also bestsellers on the market. To know more about them, please read our page entitled The best poppers where you will find our own selection.

For more information, please read our page entitled The best poppers.


Most of the time, poppers are sold as a yellow-coloured liquid but there are also solid versions.

Marketed in bottles of different sizes, poppers and their nitrites are highly volatile so  we advise you not to let the bottles open too long otherwise your aromas will evaporate too fast.

You will find different sizes of bottles depending on the use you want to have.


Bottles range from 10 to 30 ml. 

We have small and medium ones ranging from 10 to 15 ml. These cheap sizes are also easy to carry.

We also sell extra large bottles of 24 or 30 ml. These ones are very convenient for the regular users of poppers.