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Active filters 9.9 EUR Price €9.90

Poppers inhaler. The poppers inhaler is a magical and indispensable accessory for all poppers enthusiasts. Thanks to this poppers inhaler, you can carry your poppers everywhere without any restrictions: for an evening with friends or a kinky evening, in a sauna... the choice is yours. This inhaler is bright red and made of Aluminium.... 9.9 EUR Price €9.90

Poppers inhaler. Very useful for your parties, nightlife, friends or even in a gay sauna, this Poppers inhaler is the ideal companion for your Poppers bottles. Indeed, it allows you to consume poppers safely and discreetly. By adding poppers, you can be sure that you won't have problems with leaks, nose burns or other inconveniences.... 20.9 EUR Price €20.90

XTRM Double Small topper. Not one but two openings! Amplify the effects of your favourite poppers with the XTRM Double cap, which has two openings to let the vapours of your vasodilator through. Simply remove the cap from your bottle and replace it with the XTRM Double cap inhaler while you enjoy your poppers. This poppers booster is compatible with... 20.9 EUR Price €20.90

XTRM Double Large poppers topper. XTRM Double Large poppers cap. Faster effects, almost immediate boost... Reach the ultimate kick with the XTRM Double cap by screwing it onto your extra strong poppers. In fact, this cap is used instead of the original cap of the bottle. Inhale the vapours from your popper through the two openings, allowing you to take... 49.9 EUR Price €49.90

XTRM Double Leakproof poppers inhaler cap, size small. Perfect to amplify the effects of your favourite poppers. The XTRM poppers inhaler is leakproof! Easier and safer way to use poppers. Remove the cap from your bottle and replace it with the XTRM Double cap inhaler to enjoy your poppers. Don't forget to put back the original cap after the use of this... 20.9 EUR Price €20.90

SNFFR Small Fister Sniffer topper. Personalise your poppers bottle with the SNFFR Small Fister cap. This rigid poppers cap allows you to enhance the sensations of your favourite aroma. Swap the original cap on your bottle for the SNFFR Small Fister and inhale the vapours through the top opening (make sure you keep the original cap to be able to close the... 21.9 EUR Price €21.90

XTRM Twin 2 in 1 topper! Have you always dreamed of trying two poppers at the same time? It's time to make your dream come true with the XTRM Twin 2-in-1 cap. This accessory is a must for all fans of the glass bottle. Remove the caps from 2 poppers and screw the vials on either side of the double sniffer. Double poppers, double fast power! The effects are... 20.9 EUR Price €20.90

Fancy some instant and powerful stimulation? The XL Poppers cap from the XTRM brand will satisfy you! This Poppers Topper is very easy to use, it screws onto the bottle instead of the old cap. Do not throw away the original cap so you can reseal your poppers after using the XTRM stopper.    Important: This stopper only fits on one poppers bottle, the... 29.9 EUR Price €29.90

Two of the greats have teamed up to create this pack designed to give you super intense effects. Inhale the aromas of the Everest Brutal poppers in complete safety thanks to this interchangeable cap from XTRM. It is very easy to use, just replace the original cap with this XL poppers topper and feel the vapours of your favourite poppers invade you.... 49.9 EUR Price €49.90

XTRM Double Leakproof poppers inhaler cap, size large. This double sniffer is the perfect poppers accessory for fast and strong effects. Made by XTRM brand this poppers inhaler is leakproof! Easy and safe way to use poppers with its push button to release the vapours. No more burns, leaks or tipped over poppers. Use it according to your desires! Only...

Buy accessories for poppers

Enjoying the effects of poppers is a true pleasure for your intimate moments on your own, with a partner or in a club. However, you may want to take your poppers everywhere more easily or enjoy its effects tenfold. For this, there are several poppers accessories to enhance your user comfort whenever you feel like it.

What are the different poppers accessories?

Each type of poppers has its own use. Some poppers can be completed with accessories to have several ways of using them (masks and amulets).

An easier way to take them with you, improved safety, enhanced effects…discover the different accessories available on Poppers Aromas

  • The poppers bag: to wear around your neck to enjoy your poppers at any time(festivals, concerts, swingers club, saunas)
  • The poppers inhaler: pour your poppers easily into this discreet container to take it wherever you want. Using poppers will never be so easy and safe (to avoid burning your nose). Some poppers inhalers are also named “amulets”
  • The poppers toppers: useful to boost the effects of poppers without having your nose irritated 

How to use a poppers inhaler?

Poppers inhalers are among the must-have accessories that you can find in the form of airtight plastic or steel containers with a cotton pad inside ( included or not).

To use this poppers inhaler, just soak the cotton pad with your poppers and close the accessory. You can then take it safely wherever you want without any risks of leakage.

Remove the cap to inhale your poppers discreetly and close again to keep all the aromas of your product.

Buying your poppers accessories on Poppers Aromas

Do you have a doubt about the way to use your poppers accessories or about the compatibility of your poppers with our products? All the information you need is downloadable on our product information sheets. If necessary, our after-sales service department is available to quickly answer any question you may have.

Order your poppers accessories right now on Poppers Aromas and get them very fast in a discreet parcel to enjoy our products hugely approved by our customers!