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Poppers Topper - SNFFR XL

Fancy some instant and powerful stimulation? The XL Poppers cap from the XTRM brand will satisfy you! This Poppers Topper is very easy to use, it screws onto the bottle instead of the old cap. Do not throw away the original cap so you can reseal your poppers after using the XTRM stopper.


Important: This stopper only fits on one poppers bottle, the Everest Brutal! (which is not included and cannot be sent outside of the European Union, except the UK)


  • XL Poppers Topper
  • Brand: XTRM
  • Only compatible with the Poppers Everest Brutal

It is recommended to clean the neck of the bottle before using the inhaler to avoid damage from repeated contact with the liquid. You should also clean the inhaler with hot or cold water after use.

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Brand: XTRM

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More about SNFFR Large Poppers Topper

  • Made in Europe
  • Brand: XTRM 
  • Only suitable for the Everest Brutal Poppers
  • Enhances the effect of your poppers
  • Does not replace the original cap 
  • Keep the safety cap of your bottle to reseal it after use
  • Do not tip the bottle, not leakproof 
  • Do not wash the cap 
  • Do not expose to heat 
  • Poppers Everest Brutal sold separately

Data sheet

Made in the EU

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