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Poppers Topper - XTRM SNFFR Fister Red

SNFFR Small Fister Sniffer topper. Personalise your poppers bottle with the SNFFR Small Fister cap. This rigid poppers cap allows you to enhance the sensations of your favourite aroma. Swap the original cap on your bottle for the SNFFR Small Fister and inhale the vapours through the top opening (make sure you keep the original cap to be able to close the poppers back and save its flavours). Decorated with a fist, you will send a subliminal message that your partner will definitely notice. Screw it onto a bottle of poppers designed for fisting and you're ready for a long anal caress. Its red colour makes it distinctly different from any other popper cap. This product is a huge success because it not only increases the effects of your poppers but also stops the irritation. No more risk of burns or redness because the bottle will never touch your skin again. The XTRM SNFFR Small Fister is compatible with medium and large poppers.


  • Poppers cap 
  • Suitable for certain bottle sizes
  • Poppers not included

It is recommended to clean the neck of the bottle before using the inhaler to avoid damage from repeated contact with the liquid. You should also clean the inhaler with hot or cold water after use.

Not suitable for all Poppers, see the compatibility document available for download below in "Attachments".

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Brand: XTRM

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More information about the SNFFR Fister Sniffer Inhaler


  • European manufacture 
  • Brand XTRM 
  • Customised cap/topper with a fist 
  • Use with care 
  • Do not tilt the bottle 
  • Does not withstand heat 
  • Poppers sold separately
  • Keep the safety cap of your bottle to close it after use 

Data sheet

Made in the EU


Fister Poppers Cap

Compatibility document of Fister Poppers topper

Download (346.9k)

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