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Poppers Topper - XTRM Twin

XTRM Twin 2 in 1 topper! Have you always dreamed of trying two poppers at the same time? It's time to make your dream come true with the XTRM Twin 2-in-1 cap. This accessory is a must for all fans of the glass bottle. Remove the caps from 2 poppers and screw the vials on either side of the double sniffer. Double poppers, double fast power! The effects are almost immediate, and even more so with extremely powerful poppers. Ingeniously designed, it has vent holes that allow the vapours from your poppers to rise quickly and in quantity. The XTRM Twin inhaler booster is a must for all poppers fans. 


  • Flavour topper cap
  • Suitable for certain bottles 
  • Screw on 2 bottles of poppers 
  • Poppers not included

It is recommended to clean the neck of the bottle before using the inhaler to avoid damage from repeated contact with the liquid. You should also clean the inhaler with hot or cold water after use.

Not suitable for all Poppers, see the compatibility document available for download below in "Attachments".

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Brand: XTRM

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Description of XTRM Twin inhaler cap


  • European manufacture 
  • Brand XTRM 
  • Compatible with glass, plastic or aluminium bottles 
  • Possibility of screwing on 2 popper vials
  • Not leak-proof, do not tilt the bottle 
  • Use with care 
  • Poppers sold separately
  • Keep the safety cap of your bottle to close it after use 


XTRM Twin Cap

Compatibility Document twin cap

Download (347.54k)

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Does what is says. Good value
This is a very practical item. It helps me set the mood.
Not fully convinced yet...give me more time to practice