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Meta propyl poppers
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Strenght 2 out of 5

Meta Propyl 24ml

Meta Propyl poppers 24 ml. Seeking an intense and exciting experience? Meta Propyl poppers is made for you! Designed to provide moments of euphoria and pleasure, this aroma has become a favorite among fun-lovers

Its 24ml bottle guarantees a powerful experience. Meta Propyl is perfect for beginners who wish to enjoy brief euphoric and vasodilatory effects.

Ideal for intimate moments, it will bring your erotic night to a completely different level. You will not forget the effects of this poppers!


  • 24ml bottle
  • Propyl nitrite
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Brand: Meta

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More about Meta Propyl Poppers

  • Propyl
  • Available with amyl and pentyl
  • Secured cap
  • Sweet and powerful effects

Data sheet

Propyl poppers
Bottle resistance
Compatible Poppers Cap
Double Large Poppers Cap
Leakproof double large
CAS Number
(CAS 541-42-4) + (CAS 67-63-0)
Made in the EU

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