tips for the best shower sex

Tips For The Best Shower Sex

Sex in the shower is a must-do since it has many advantages. It has become one of the preferred places for sexual practices, tried and loved by millions of people but can sometimes be messy and uncomfortable. Here are a few tips to enjoy your hot shower session at its fullest. From foreplay to poppers use, read (and share) our small sex shower guide.

Why so appealing

Picture this: hot water, wet bodies, intimacy, who wouldn’t like that? The shower’s cramped space makes the intimate moment even more intense, a special connection with your partner. It is also a new playground to explore, with toys or not, scenarios… The shower is the easiest way to break your routine and get that excitement back and experience passion again. Here are a few tips to avoid bad experiences.

Foreplay first

As exciting as the idea of getting in the shower for wild sex sounds, let’s not forget pre-penetration pleasures, because it’s all about setting the mood and taking your time. 

Foreplay under the shower can be different and spice up your routine, with the warm water running down your bodies, it adds a little something to oral sex and caresses that you don’t get in a bed. Enjoy the smallness of the place to get closer and more intimate, perhaps try different preliminaries to awaken your senses and get your shower sex started extremely intensely.

Use proper lube

Remember that water doesn’t replace lube, on the contrary, it can have the opposite effect. For your comfort and your partner’s, make sure to use a high-quality lubricant that lasts long enough underwater for a perfect glide and smooth penetration. These small bottles in gel or cream are indispensable, especially for anal sex.

Be careful not to slip

Shower floor with pouring water can be very slippy and can turn out to be dangerous while having sex. Unless you got yourself a brand new anti-slip mat we suggest you go easy on the positions you intend to do. Prefer standing or sitting position with proper stability.

The benefits of shower sex

Routine breaker

A bedroom is a comfortable and usual place to have sex. But isn’t it too classic and a bit boring after all? Changing habits and breaking your sex routine is very healthy and will add some spice to your torrid moments. The shower is the perfect place for that. No need to go to a fancy hotel, it is right here, ready to be used for your pleasure. It will give new vigour to your lovemaking and rekindle the flame.

No mess to clean 

One of the biggest advantages of doing it in the shower is that you can go wild and live your dirtiest fantasies without (too much) messing up the area. A splash of soap and water should do the trick. You can do whatever comes to mind without worrying, which can encourage you to let go even more.

Relaxing muscles

The hot water can play a significant role during your hot shower sex. It relaxes your muscles so you feel more comfortable, a good way to set you in the mood and help you let go for a wild shower session. Dare new positions, let the stud inside you show up.

Add poppers to your pre-shower habits

Know what would make this moment even hotter? Poppers of course! Pick your intensity and choose your amyl, propyl or pentyl nitrite to elevate your experience. Its rush of euphoria will relax the mind for a stressless and confident intimate moment. But that’s not all, its vasodilatory effects will allow you to live away from frustration and discomfort. At Poppers Aromas we have poppers to fulfill all your desires and fantasies. Check our amyl, propyl, and pentyl poppers range.