Best products to arouse a woman

Best products to arouse a woman

We’ve already presented many arousing products for men (erection booster, sperm volume, ejaculation delay products, natural aphrodisiacs..). But rest assured ladies, we haven’t forgotten you! Find the right products to arouse a woman and to spice up your intimate moments alone, with your partner or with several partners.

Poppers are sexual stimulants that we don’t need to present to you anymore! Used as euphorising products and aphrodisiacs, for dilation or as powerful sexual stimulants, these small bottles hide many secrets and could soon give you unforgettable orgasms!

Poppers Lady: an aphrodisiac cocktail

To discover the benefits of poppers for women for the first time, we recommend testing poppers Lady. They are made of propyl nitrite in bottles of 10ml by the brand Jolt . These French specialists of poppers always know how to innovate by making original and strong poppers, whether you want to have a good laugh, have better parties or for your sex games. 

Its light, soft and delicate fragrance will convince all those who try this product: it’s a hit among its users!

Lady Poppers 10ml

Lady Poppers 10ml


€6.72 €8.40

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How to use poppers Lady?​

Poppers Lady can be used in many ways according to your wishes:

  • By evaporation in a room to spice up a party
  • By inhalation with a poppers inhaler
  • In a poppers cocktail for more arousal!

What will your favourite method be? 

Poppers to arouse a woman

CBD pearls to relax

Legal hemp is more and more popular in the sector of well-being. Being soothing, calming and anti-stress, this natural component has many things to make you discover to take care of yourself.

Evielab is a producer which decided to revolutionise the CBD market by making original products based on cannabidiol: CBD in the form of pearls to be melted under your tongue.

The effects, let’s talk about them: The Evielab pearls all have their specific formulation based on a combination of natural terpenes. Some contain alpha-phellandrene to increase your immune response, others contain alpha-pinene to boost and improve your memory. 

Within this wide range, there’s a sex booster for women that may be of interest!

Intimacy EvieLab CBD

Intimacy EvieLab CBD


€27.92 €34.90

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Intimacy by Evielab: the natural sexual stimulant for women

Among the selection of CBD pearls by Evielab, one of our favourites is undoubtedly the Intimacy CBD pearls, an excellent product to arouse a woman. These pearls are a combination of CBG and CBD as well as two terpenes with aphrodisiac effects

  • Beta-caryophyllene that will activate the cannabinoid receptors to increase the effects of CBD pearls;
  • Alpha-pinene will have a stimulating effect, which is what you‘d expect from a sexually stimulating product for women.

The Intimacy CBD pearls by Evielab will therefore arouse your sensitivity or your partner’s for unique intimate moments!

For €34.90 only, you’ll get a container of 70 pearls, a choice that delights all our customers who ask for more.

A sexual supplement to stimulate women’s libido?

Female sexual stimulants

In case women have problems with their libido, using medicine such as flibanserin (the “viagra for women”) can be tempting to cure sexual desire disorder.

However, you may want something more natural. For this, some plant-based products to arouse women could be a solution: an aphrodisiac food supplement. These natural aphrodisiacs (maca, ginseng,  Shativar…) are genuine sexual stimulants that can act both on sexual performance as well as desire in its entirety. In short, a true winning cocktail in a sexually arousing product for women!

Top Desire, the magic pills to arouse a woman

The sexual stimulant TopDesire by Labophyto is one of our must-have aphrodisiacs in capsules to help women who have sexual problems such as a lack of desire. This stimulant made by a French lab specialised in sexual supplements could very well revolutionise your sexual life!

In addition to boosting women’s sex drive, this supplement contributes to women’s hormonal balance. Try it and you’ll love it!

Top Desire - Sexual Stimulant For Women

Top Desire - Sexual Stimulant For Women


€19.92 €24.90

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An intimate gel to climax

Today, lubricants are common products to support you in your intimate moments either on your own or with partners. If a classic lube can make penetration easier, it can also stimulate women’s sex drive.

With their shivering or warming effects, producers innovate regularly to turn a simple gel into a product essential for pleasure.

What should you remember about products to arouse a woman and boost her sex drive?

Poppers, CBD pearls, sexual supplements, there is today a wide variety of aphrodisiac products to arouse a woman

  • Stimulating intimate gels
  • Magic pills for more intense sex
  • Poppers to enhance orgasms
  • CBD pearls to enhance desire and sex drive

Why choose the best? Just have a try by exploring your sexuality with these stimulants for women. Are the results conclusive? Great! Mixed effects? You just need to test another product to arouse a woman. Don’t forget that you can also spice things up by exploring your sexuality, why not try poppers for anal

All these products are in stock on Poppers Aromas. We offer shipping costs to the UK for purchases over €60. Get your parcel in a super discreet way, no way of knowing that you ordered pleasure.

We’re all different and feel things in different ways. It’s up to you to find the best formula for a single ticket to seventh heaven!