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Buy Poppers via Paypal UK: possible or not?

In the United States, Europe and all other countries covered by PayPal services, certain transactions are prohibited. The platform has strict general conditions of use. Payment, purchase and delivery of Poppers are part of this. Do Poppers UK & Paypal go hand in hand? Well no! Find out why it’s impossible to buy Poppers in the UK using PayPal.

What is PayPal?

 A PayPal account is a digital account for sending money or paying for your shopping basket online on websites. PayPal is used via its own website or through its own application.

Why is paying for your shopping basket when you pay for Poppers via PayPal not possible?

PayPal’s Acceptable Use Policy prohibits the use of the service for certain activities. Although not considered a drug, Poppers such as Jungle Juice, Rush, Everest Aromas or certain nitrites (Amyl, Propyl or Pentyl) are prohibited for sale in some states of the USA.

Since PayPal’s headquarters are based in the United States, the regulation of the service’s activity for all countries is primarily influenced by American legislation. Jungle Juice, Rush or other brands of Nitrite Poppers (Amyl, Propyl or Pentyl) are considered illegal in some states of the USA. Their purchase and delivery cannot be made internationally via PayPal.

In France, the marketing and consumption of these same aromas or products have been perfectly legal since judgment no. 352484 of the Council of State of 3rd June 2013.

The ban on the use of PayPal for the purchase and delivery of any Poppers aromas (Everest, Rush, Jungle Juice, Iron Horse, Blue Boy, Lockerroom, etc.) is however a current issue. 

Why do some sites selling Poppers offer the sale using Paypal?

Beware of online shops with Poppers for sale and offering Paypal payment because they are playing a risky game!

In general, they flirt with Paypal’s terms of use, and risk having their accounts suspended at any time…

Before placing your order we advise you to check several criteria:

  • Is the site based in the UK or in a European country?
  • Is the site secure?
  • Does the site have a good reputation?
  • Are the products being sold counterfeits?
  • If Paypal blocks your transaction, what happens?
  • Does the site have an effective after-sales service?

We therefore strongly advise against e-commerce sites using this payment method!

Buying poppers with Paypal exposes you to possible financial problems along with likely long and tedious procedures if your payment is blocked…

Payment solutions for the sale and purchase of poppers

As you know, Paypal has a strong advantage: The service allows you to carry out online transactions without having to communicate your bank details.

But what you may not know is that Paypal is entitled to resell your personal data, in particular to Facebook or Criteo for the purpose of “advertising recycling”.

What’s the alternative?

To take advantage of the best strong poppers at attractive prices and in complete safety, your Poppers Aromas online store offers payment by Visa or Mastercard via the Paybox by Verifone service. All set for a great party?

Secure payments on Poppers Aromas
Visa & Mastercard: secure means of payment on Poppers Aromas

Your banking information remains completely confidential, secured by encryption and does not pass through our store. In addition to the SSL secure payment service, a check by the 3DS credit card verification system is carried out. No mention of our website “Poppers Aromas” appears neither on your account statement nor on the parcel. It is the name of our company (Black Sequoia SARL) which is registered there, so as completely protect your privacy! Also, our aroma is sold as a leather cleaner.

We guarantee 100% secure financial transactions and the quick, discreet and safe delivery of our carefully packed bottles. You can even buy with friends for a cheaper delivery, also all of our prices are exclusive of VAT. 

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