chemsex : drug and sex

Chemsex, sex and drugs: a mix en vogue

You’ve probabably heard about chemsex but what is it? We’ll tell you everything you need to you about that new practice which isn’t so new axctually. This new sexual practice from Britain is en vogue in France and in Europe. Mixing sex and drugs has become commonplace among some gay communities and even heterosexual ones.

CHEMSEX, SEX AND DRUGS: a fashionable combination

This new way of having sex ( which is the combination of CHEMical and SEX)  is more and more used in the gay community. It literally means sex on drugs, that is to say having drugs before or after sex and with one or several partners. You might think nothing new under the sun and you might be right, although…

WARNING: Poppers-aromas wish to draw to your attention that we do not promote the use of drugs. This article only aims at informing our readers on the practice of chemsex, its history and its risks.


The chemsex lovers are mainly members of the gay community looking for intense sexual sensations. Yes indeed, gays are once again at the vanguard of sexuality. Chemsexers take drugs as GHB, methamphetamines or other substances close to amphetamines often mixed with alcohol in order to pep up their sexual relations.

Other chemsexers practise slam which consists in injecting products directly into their veins. This practice is mostly for insiders.

Nevertheless the products and motivations differ from one person to another and can also concern straight people.

Made popular for around 20 years thanks to social media, the development of dating apps (Grindr, Hornet) and the decrease in the price of drugs, not to mention the easy access through the internet, chemsex is now en vogue in he UK and in France. This practice has led chemsex lovers to go towards a more excessive consumption of chemical products in order to satisfy their sexual appetites.

sex on drug


Chemsex is done mainly in the gay community but not only! Bisexuals, men’s prostitutes and now heterosexuals are also lovers of drugs for sex.

Chemsexers are seeking contact and closeness with their partners. Some experience chemsex as a quest for their sexual self aiming at reaching a peak of ecstasy. It can be seen as a way to oppose the too normal or even boring sexual relations of heterosexuals and above all a desire to experience extraordinary sexual relations.

Indeed, the goal is to have intense and long lasting sex. For that, they use coke, GHB, ketamin or crystal meth…. This allows them to be more resistant and thus to perform better for an optimal pleasure.But at what cost? The consumption of illicit drugs is punishable by law and also Bharmful for those using them.


at the beginning

A long time ago, people didn’t talk about chemsex but Cocetum during the Roman empire. This mixture made from poppy seeds helped young boys to be more performant during sex. 

In India, they have Tantra to reach the nirvana. This sexual practice is highly codified and combines cannabis and alcohol. In the Middle Ages, people would use opiates. The hippies loved LSD and the hash from Katmandu.

So chemsex is just a derivative from all these practices.Now chemsexers look for stronger products that can be more dangerous….

So this isn’t a new phenomenon as ther’s always been drugs in th gay community.

The 1960s

In the 60s, chemsex was a norm in the gay community but it wasn’t dangerous for people’s heath at that time. When disco music was born, chemsex became a real craze. The gay community would then meet in public places, nightclubs or discos….

but also in the so-called PAPs (Party and Play). A  PAP was an alternative private party in a plce where drugs where welcomed for sex. So PAPs are the ancestors of chemsex. At that time, people would use cocaine, cannabis or ecstasy which could have disastrous effects. Today other drugs such as GHB and methamphetamines are the favorite drugs according to several surveys.

The new millennium

At the beginning of the years 2000, chemsex was still for a minority of particular people as the HSH, a group that originally created slam.Because of the closure of gay places and the gentrification of cities, homosexuals need to hide and prefer the use of the internet and social networks to meet in private parties.

Today we can dissociate sexers who prefer intimate private places and clubbers who – you got it right – prefer festive places. But the line between both is quite thin and they end up together till the end of the night.

For 5 years now, discretion hasn’t been the norm any l onger. Chemsex is getting popular and it’s also known for its dangerous effects.

chemsex is risking


Barebacking. In the 1970s and 1980s the gay community had to fight against the epidemy of HIV that was poisoning them to counter the public authorities that didn’t seem to care.

Their commitment proved successful because the gays started using condoms widely.

But 10 years later a new fad appeared that would undermine all the work done before : barebacking. It is a gay movement  refusing the use of condoms to have sex. This practice is still used today, it has its disciples, its houses and even its own voacbulary. This is a major source of concern especially for those who are HIV-positive who can have sexually-transmissible diseases as syphilis or herpes more easily and will be more difficult to cure than HIV negative people. If they don’t wear any condom, HIV-positive can develop a secondary infection and even see their treatment fail. Chemsex has been responsible for increasing this phenomenon. Whether voluntarily or not, some chemsexers forget to use a condom. You need to know that some orgies can last as long as 72 hours non-stop. 

HIV and sexually transmitted diseases

Doctors have noticed an increase in HIV infections as well as STDs and hepatis C. They have sounded the alarm among the gay community and especially slammers. Without being moralistic, doctors warn chemsexers to be careful with their consumption of drugs to limit their health risks.

However today, the products taken are stronger  and cause a stronger addiction. For instance methamphetamines have more toxic effects on our physical and mental health all the more as some chemsexers have drugs every day for more intense sex. You might object that it’s normal if you like sex to try and have more. But all good thing have their limits, don’t they? Some even consider this phenomenon as a sanitary catastrophe dur to the rise of HIV-positive patients . 


London was the first city to create a rehab centre for the people addicted to chemsex. It’s an ex drug user and chemsexer who took the initiative when he saw the damage caused by chemsex. As he didn’t sse the authorities react he decided to act and to help the ones who were most addicted to these sexual and hot relations.

And France?

In France care centres for the reduction of drug-related risks (named CAARUD) and also places for dialogue for chemsexers were created. Even if the number of chemsexers is limited outside big cities, chemsex is a problem as it is an issue which is largely stigmatised by the public opinion. That’s the reason why most chemsexers hide and are usually poorly informed on the risks and the right practices to have to avoid any risk for their health. Here a taboo has to be broken. In Paris chemsexers can get clean kits to slam safely and avoid any risk of infections.

The Spot  Beaumarchais  is a place for chemsexers  situated in the 3rd bourough of the French capital  where they can meet health workers, talk with other chemsexers or even have screen tests.

The people dying from chemsex are often the victims of a bad mixture of drugs or bad dosing.


 Others go deeper into drugs and experience its consequences : breakdown, lack of self-confidence, separation from their families and relatives and even suicide. Some chemsexers like chemsex for its loss of inhibitions since they don’t feel at ease with themselves. Products help them to let themselves go especially for sex. This category of persons is often psychologically fragile and can become more full of anxieties, irrational and sometimes suicidal. 

There are several testimonies of ex chemsexers who got into drugs and some of them reckon that they overdosed or had a nervous breakdown or sometimes can’t remember what they did during sex and if they were consenting. The latter case is quite common since when people are under the influence of drugs they can find it hard to understand if their partner is consenting or not. GHB is the favourite substance for chemsexers but it can cause a G-hole, that is to say an awake comatose.

After using too much GHB, the aphrodisiac effects disappear and some people say that the hardest is to realise how far you’ve gone as far as your personal limits are concerned. If that’s the case, accept help and take some precautions as not sharing your gear, straws and needles. Use some sterilised and single-use gear. And don’t forget HIV infections so use condoms or pills to avoid contamination.


Poppers cause vasodilation or in other words stimulate you. They dilate your blood vessels, increase your blood pressure and your heart rate . All this contributes to improve your sexual arousal and to delay your sensations, whic can cause a longer orgasm for example.

But poppers don’t only mean such effects. Indeed thanks to amyl nitrites, poppers will also relax your anal or vaginal muscles. They can also have a euphoric effect but they do have indisputable aphrodisiac effects .

legal or illegal?

Although this substance has been banned several times in France, especially in 2011 and 2013, each time the state council ruled against  the decrees. First it was so because poppers have a low rate of toxicity so they don’t represent any danger. On the contrary, no scientific survey has ever shown a problem of physical or psychological addiction to poppers. So poppers are not harmful as they don’t communicate with your brain but only dilate your blood vessels for a short period of time. Poppers are not drugs but rather excellent sexual stimulants for experiences that can range from sensual, wild or hard. It’s up to you. Your desires will come true depending on the type of nitrite you choose (amyl, propyl or pentyl)

Another solution

And if you don’t enjoy inhaling the liquid directly, just let it spread in your room or use an inhaler. This way you won’t run the risk of dropping your precious bottle on the floor during sex or of getting some liquid on your hands during a cheeky night.

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