headache from poppers

Poppers and migraines: How to avoid headaches?

Whether you’re an occasional or quite regular user of poppers, you may have experienced a few mishaps as : headaches, nose irritations ( sometimes with yellow scabs, cardiac arrhythmia or a blurred eyesight… Poppers-aromas have decided to delve into these side effects by writing several articles to make sure you reduce health risks. In the article entitled How to avoid burns caused by poppers we told you about the tips to prevent risks for your mouth, your nose and your skin.Feel free to take 5 minutes for the reading of that article. Now we’re looking at poppers and migraines!

But today we’ll talk about the migraines or headaches related to the use of poppers.Indeed, after inhaling too many poppers you may experience headaches that can vary in intensity. Nobody reacts the same way, some people will never suffer from the slightest headache while others may have strong ones. 

Needless to say that headaches will put a break on your consumption which is why poppers-aromas would like to give you the best possible advice to prevent any risk and look after your health. Take a few minutes of your time to learn about how to avoid migraines and other risks related to the use of these products.

Headaches and poppers; the origin

Whatever the type of nitrite that you use (pentyl, amyl or propyl), using poppers will dilate your blood vessels and will slow down your heart rate and blood pressure. The problem is that in your skull where space is limited by the bone and your brain, the blood vessels that dilate will increase the blood pressure and cause a pain in your head called migraine which can vary in intensity.

Our tips to avoid headaches

In order to reduce these risks, poppers-aromas recommend you first to use fresh poppers, that is to say a bottle of poppers that hasn’t been open for too long and whose quality isn’t too altered. Products as poppers are volatile  and their quality deteriorates  very quickly. If your bottle was open over 3 weeks ago avoid using it. Indeed nitrites which are out of date are a factor of headaches.

If you are not used to nitrites, just start slowly. Don’t try to impress your partner or friends. Just let your body get accsutomed to this new product and allow intervals between each inhalation. We often tend to repeat inhalations to feel the same strong sensations and sometimes we don’t slow down, which leads to side effects such as headaches. Please try not to overindulge  in good stuff and good products !

Buy good quality poppers on trustful websites and watch out for counterfeits and scams ! In France you can buy poppers in tobacco shops, sex shops or online (make sure you choose a reliable site to avoid another problem).

Do the strongest poppers give headaches?

 At poppers-aromas we advise against using amyl nitrite poppers if you’re a beginner because they’re the strongest. Amyl nitrite will cause a warm sensation though it will give you fewer side effects as headaches and other unwanted effects. No relation can be made between headaches and the use of poppers.

What about poppers mixed with other products ?

If you decide to associate poppers and other products as alcohol, medicines or even laughing gas (quite fashionable among today’s youth), it can be an aggravating factor. This multiple consumption will also multiply the risks of headaches. Poppers-aromas draw to your attention that using poppers and some medicines or drugs can be fatal. So please don’t mix poppers and other substances as alcohol, medicines, laughing gas …. in order to minimize the risks for your health. Indeed the substances as nitrites may not get on well with other products.

alcohol and poppers

Any ideal way of using poppers?

There are several ways to use poppers. You can open a bottle in a room and let the liquid evaporate, you can also inhale straight from the bottle or over a glass filled with sparkling water like Perrier.

All these different methods will be more or less efficient but none of them will protect you completely from headaches. There’s no better way of using poppers even if some are less risky than others. If you use poppers and have regular headaches, avoid inhaling straight from the bottle to make sure to reduce the risks of headaches.

Headaches and poppers : how to relieve your pain?

If you want to relieve a migraine caused by poppers, start by closing your bottles of poppers after using them and air your room even in winter (5 minutes will do).

Drink water as hydration will give oxygen to your brain and this should relieve your headache. This way your blood pressure will come back to normal and the side effects will disappear.

In case of persistent headaches you can use an essential oil made from peppermint  (good got its painkilling effects) and apply it to your temples and forehead by massaging these areas. 

Last you can take some aspirin or paracetamol or ibuprofen provided you’re not allergic.

To sum up ,to avoid headaches caused by poppers you should:

  • avoid mixing poppers and other products such as drugs, medicines or alcohol.
  • Choose amyl nitrites
  • use them responsibly
  • Allow intervals between each inhalation
  • Buy your poppers on reliable websites

Don’t put your life in danger and see a doctor if you have a regular persistent pain or if it you feel other physical disorders.