prepare for anal sex

How to prepare for anal sex?

Anal intercourse requires different preparation from vaginal ones. Embarking on the journey of anal sex can be an exciting sexual exploration. It is the ideal practice for people and couples seeking new levels of intimacy with their partner, regardless of sexual orientation. But how to prepare for anal sex?

Approaching this experience with a relaxed mind, open communication, and a touch of playfulness can contribute to the best anal sex time.

It’s also important to physically the anus muscles physically for comfortable penetration. Let’s delve into some tips for a more laid-back and pleasurable preparation for anal sex play. In this article, we’ll guide you through everything, from cleaning with an enema bulb to poppers. Don’t be shy, you’ll like it!

Take your time and go slowly

Rushing into anything rarely leads to the best butt-sex session. Start slowly with anal stimulation using finger play, a gentle massage, or playful sexual exploration. Take time to feel and explore each other’s body.

Building up gradually can help both you and your partner to chill and become more attuned to each other’s comfort levels. It is a very important step before engaging in anal sex especially when it is the first time. 

how to prepare for anal sex

Choosing the right toy for your sphincter to prepare for anal?

You may even want to start with small sex toys, to help you feel more comfortable and confident before the big jump. That way, you can gently prepare your anus or your partner’s whether with glass or silicone-made toys.

Which one to choose if you’re a beginner? You should definitely start with a small toy, and then use larger ones. Going step by step is the key to preparing for anal sex.

Cleaning porous toys can be difficult. Try glass or plastic ones. It’s up to you whether you’re more into realistic penis or more modern toy or even butt plugs. Carefully read the instructions before using. 

Don’t forget to clean your toys before and after each use with soap and lukewarm water or a sex toy cleaner. 

Use lubricant for butt play

Anal sex is very different from vaginal sex. Unlike the sphincter, the vagina can lubricate itself for penetration. Which is why it’s important to use lubricant to avoid a painless first butt time. 

Silicone lubes are ideal for anal sex thanks to their incredible and long-lasting glide. Careful though, oil-based lube can damage the condom so you should avoid this kind of product if you’re wearing one. As for the silicone lube, sometimes it doesn’t work well with sex toys. Water-based products are fit for both toys and condoms so you should probably consider them for your first butt activity.

Rectum lubrication is the best companion of anal play. Use a lube that suits your preferences and your partner’s—whether it’s water, silicone, hybrid, or oil-based. 

Apply a lot of lube. Don’t be shy about reapplying if needed; it’s all part of a fun and long-lasting anal sex session. Not only will lube help with penetration, but it’ll also keep your condom from breaking, ensuring a body-safe sex time. It’ll mainly avoid any anal fissures.

Keep your colon clean with a douche

Cleaning your rectum for good hygiene is important, but it doesn’t need to be a sterile process. Consider a shared shower or bath as part of your anal sex preparation routine. Keep it light and enjoyable; after all, you’re preparing for an intimate connection, not a medical procedure. Don’t make a big deal out of it. 

Now let’s talk about poop. Yet some faecal matter may remain on the finger, toys, or penis.

In anal sex, once the penis gets past the anus, it all happens in the rectum area. Even though it is not a space where poop is stocked, some waste coming from the colon can show up. To prevent poop, you should shower at least an hour before having butt sex.  

Tips: If you’re looking for the perfect accessory for a clean rectum and be poop-free before anal sex you’ll like an anal douche. You can use an enema shower bulb that will help clean your anus properly. Fill it with water and manage the pressure of the water inside your sphincter as you wish. Easy to use, an enema bulb is the ideal accessory for your first anal douching

Relax your sphincter, no stress

Relaxation is the key to enjoyable anal sex. Incorporate relaxation techniques for the mind and body that feel good for both partners. It can be a sexual massage, deep breathing, or slowly creating a cozy and inviting environment.

The emphasis is on people’s comfort and pleasure, not stress. Avoid any risk of discomfort by taking the time to do this step. 

Poppers is also a good way to make your shyness and complexes go away. Used to treat certain health problems years ago, this recreational substance comes in a small glass bottle and contains amyl, pentyl, or propyl nitrites.

To prepare for anal sex, we suggest you to use amyl-based poppers. Its vasodilatory effects can relax anal muscles for a comfortable and worry-free butt penetration experience. Poppers will also give you that boost of confidence you need and relieve you from stress. Awaken the sexy beast inside you! 

Health first: use condoms

Health is primary. Use protection for safe and clean adult sexual play. Condoms provide a barrier against STIs (that can lead to a serious health risk), and add a playful touch to the butt experience. Experiment with different textures, colors, or even flavored options to add a lighthearted element to anus protection.

Following these tips will prepare you for anal sex. So relax your mind and body, and enjoy how anal practices feel like solo or with your partner. Read our product reviews to choose the right poppers for your torrid nights to come.

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