Our prices go up by €0.50

From today, April 26, the prices of some of our products will increase slightly by €0.50. Here are the reasons why.

Why are prices increasing?

Inflation, the pandemic and gas shortages are just some of the reasons why the global economy has been affected lately. In our sector, the price of raw materials (for the production of molecules and vials), energy (for storing and keeping the poppers in a cool place) as well as transport has increased and will continue to do so.

Packaging (the boxes and foam used to better protect your products) has also increased, forcing us to adapt and apply this small increase.

Will the increase be effective on all our products?

For the time being, only amyl, pentyl and Propyl poppers will be increased by 50 cents. Natural sex boosters will maintain their prices.

It is likely that in the near future hexyl poppers will increase, so please place your order in advance.

To sum up

Only amyl, propyl and pentyl poppers are up 50 cents per unit, but we guarantee that the quality of our products will be maintained!

We hope you can understand our decision.

Remember that we are available to answer all your questions and concerns:

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Email: contact@poppers-aromas.eu

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