shake up your sex routine

Sex Routine: How To Shake It Up

Intercourses are fun, especially if you know how to spice it up. Sadly sex routine can easily and quickly set in, especially within a couple, reducing these moments of pleasure. To avoid falling into this trap and rekindle the flame, here are a few simple ideas for reviving your lovemaking and truly enjoying sex again.

Role play to rediscover your first sensations

Role play is the ideal way of spicing up your sex routine easily. What’s more exciting than becoming someone else for a night and seducing each other as if it was the first time? Pick a character and an outfit, the choice is yours! Nurse, fireman, policeman, cheerleader… All these roles will turn up the bedroom heat and offer many hot scenarios to play. 

Pretending to be someone else has many advantages. You may feel freer and more comfortable with daring bold moves and positions. Be sexy, be wild, become your character and live the night of your life. Roleplaying from time to time can surely rekindle the flame and help you experience new experiences.

Poppers: the perfect sexual enhancer

Known for their strong effects, poppers will be your companion under the sheets. Amyl, propyl or pentyl-based, these small glass bottles are real aphrodisiacs! Enjoy a rush of euphoria to set you in the mood and relax your body. Thanks to its vasodilatory effects experience new positions and indulge in unique sensations. Have new ideas, try new things and boost your confidence. Find the best poppers at Poppers Aromas and let your fantasies run wild.

Take things slow

We often tend to idealize and fantasize about the quickie, in TV shows, movies and even in real life. So yes, a quickie is hot af, but done too regularly, it can become boring and damage the physical relationship between two people. Reduce speed and try slow sex instead! With slow moves, re-discover your partner’s body, take time to appreciate every caress, every kiss,… This way, you make the intercourse meaningful and more intense reconnecting with your loved one.

shake up your sex routine

Beyond the physical allure, slow sex delves into the depths of emotional connection. It’s a sanctuary where partners unravel their vulnerabilities, communicate their deepest desires, and discover a new intimacy, making the experience not just thrilling but profoundly fulfilling.

Reflect your lovemaking

Mirrors are such glamorous and kinky accessories. Did you know they could become your best ally during intimate moments? Place a mirror against the wall, facing your bed, or even better; on the ceiling to be able to see everything that’s happening. A mirror will change your experience for the better. Use it to watch yourself and your partner enjoying a night of passion and shake that sex routine!

Play a game

A lot of naughty games exist nowadays to spice up your sexual intercourse. From foreplay to penetration, let these fun accessories guide you through the entire night and learn your partner’s body and their desires better. You may be surprised by how exhilarating this practice is. Dice, cards, or even apps can turn a simple sex night into an adventure that will bring you closer physically, but also emotionally.