sex taboo that should not be

Sex Taboos That Shouldn’t Be

Sex, what an incredible thing it is…You’ll rarely feel as good as you do after orgasm, yet some sex taboos persist in today’s world, when they shouldn’t, right? People often feel judged when speaking openly about their sexual life. Although personal, this topic of discussion should not be shameful, but rather a source of inspiration and expression. These taboos aren’t just a bunch of arbitrary rules. They pack a punch, affecting everything from how we learn about sex to our own feelings about it. From sex toys to poppers, here is a (short) list of taboos that shouldn’t even exist nowadays.

Talking openly about our sexual life

Whether it is a one-night stand or a long-term relationship, every individual gets laid from time to time. Some like it quick-and-dirty while others like to take their time, and explore their partner’s body…or bodies. No matter what suits you, it’s fine. Everyone is entitled to like certain things in bed and no one should be judged for sharing it. On the contrary! It might give you some new ideas to try.

Chatting openly about our sex lives with friends or even acquaintances is like discussing a great book or an amazing movie—we’re sharing experiences and insights. While it might seem like uncharted territory for some, these conversations can actually be quite liberating. They offer a chance to normalize experiences, seek advice, or even laugh about the quirks and joys of intimacy. Talking openly with others can break down sex taboos, shatter misconceptions, and create a space where people feel comfortable seeking information or support without feeling judged.

Using sex toys in the bedroom

Such a fun accessory to add for intense pleasure, but sadly, sex toys are often seen as rivals. Though it is a good way to spice things up and discover new pleasures. Adding accessories to your sex routine does not mean you’re not enough. See it as a plus, an ally to help you reach new sensations and pleasures for an unforgettable experience. It’s a unique occasion to discover your own body and your partner’s differently.

Sex toys are the perfect accessories for anal sex. Butt plugs and dildos are a must-have for these practices, both to reach climax and to prepare your partner’s anus. These items allows a slow and smooth penetration to enjoy anal to the fullest!

As for penis and prostate stimulation, cock rings and prostate massagers are the best toys to play with. These kinky accessories are the ideal companions to discover new sensations and experience orgasms like never before. Cock rings, whether they are leather-made or silicone-based, allow you to squeeze your penis and testicles for extreme pleasure. You’re in control! Prostate massagers will reach the perfect spot to make your orgasm even more intense.

Whether it is just small accessories such as handcuffs or masks to spice things up and try a little bit of role play, or a dildo to experience new things, it’s okay! Being open-minded about sex toys will only make your confidence and sex session better, trust us!

Using poppers for intimate pleasure

More seen as a recreational substance, poppers happen to be a powerful ally when it comes to intimate moments. In the same way as Viagra (!do not mix them!), it boosts sexual desire and relaxes you to break down barriers and feel comfortable. Aromas’ vasodilatory effects allow a smooth penetration and a more imaginative choice of positions.

At Poppers Aromas, we have the poppers you need to live the most magical night of your life. From propyl to amyl poppers, our wide range should meet your needs and desires.

Fisting: maximum pleasure

Fisting is mainly known in the gay community. This activity suffers from taboos even though it is one of the most arousing sexual practices! It consists in inserting the entire hand into the vagina or anus. Usually practiced within the BDSM community, fisting is not discussed in a liberated way.

Some people find that fisting allows for a unique and intense form of sexual pleasure. The sensation of fullness and the potential for G-spot or prostate stimulation can contribute to a heightened sexual experience. It can provide variety and novelty in the bedroom.