Rush Poppers

The famous Captain Rush is back on Poppers Aromas!

This mythical brand, Super Rush, is once again available for sale at Poppers Aromas for the greatest satisfaction of true thrill seekers! Discover in this article all you need to know about Rush, Mega Rush and Super Rush poppers…

Whether you’re a frequent or occasional poppers user, you’ll be familiar with the famous yellow bottle with the red lightning bolt. Super Rush is a well-known brand among poppers enthusiasts. Indeed, as early as the 1980s, the little yellow and red bottle were already being exchanged between users in a quest for strong excitement, euphoria and an uninhibited state.

Rush bottles began to be seen in Los Angeles, and more precisely, around Santa Monica Boulevard, near the Sunset Strip club. The success was instant! The rush product range has been expanded over the years and is now almost complete with poppers formulas based on different nitrites. From amyl nitrite to pure propyl nitrite and even mixtures of propyl and pentyl nitrites for explosive effects! 

This huge success conceals a less pleasant phenomenon: copying and even counterfeiting. The success of super rush poppers has led to an increase in counterfeit products with dubious formulas and sometimes dangerous aromas. Rest assured that at Poppers Aromas the juice in each of your Rush poppers is original, as we source directly from the manufacturer of the Super Rush brand. 

Let’s talk about the manufacturer of the famous yellow bottle. The manufacturer behind this world-famous brand is PWD (Pac West Distributing), a major player in the poppers society and a name known to clubbers, fans of raves and hot disco parties, apart from those who enjoy heightened sexual sensations.

The world of Super Rush poppers and the opinions of fans

When you look at the colourful bottles of the Super Rush brand, you will discover differences in design: they represent each aroma whose formula is based either on amyl nitrite, pentyl nitrite or propyl nitrite, which have different effects.

The Rush brand is known for its extremely pure products, we recommend them to experienced users who are eager for intense sensations. In fact, all the reviews agree that every Rush poppers is a very powerful aphrodisiac or euphoric liquid! 

Rush PWD Original poppers: A true bestseller

The super poppers Rush PWD Original is a propyl nitrite based aroma. The effects will last longer than any other Rush juice and the vasodilating effects will be really powerful. Indeed, its propyl nitrite formula, is perfect for beginners or for a casual evening with friends.

Super Rush Black Label poppers: A new level

Super Rush Black Label is an extremely strong poppers that is particularly helpful in stimulating euphoria. Super Rush provides a powerful amyl nitrite poppers, which has been proven to increase the Orgasm strength. However, the effect of Super Rush Black Label is not necessarily very long-lasting, you will have to inhale poppers regularly to enjoy its effects for a long time.

Gold Rush poppers: A golden elixir

It is the ultimate Rush poppers, the elegant gold bottle with a white lightning bolt. First of all, because Gold Rush poppers is a powerful aphrodisiac and has very fast effects. Secondly, formulated with amyl nitrite, it is recommended if you want to increase your sexual appetite and relax your muscles for ultra-strong sessions.

Rush Zero poppers: An aroma that sets the record straight

Two nitrites mixed into one juice. Made of propyl nitrite and amyl nitrite, Rush Zero Poppers is a delight for your senses. Light at start with, its effects are progressive, until you get a euphoric and exciting rush. The use of this poppers is suitable for a night out with friends, a festival or even a hot night with your partner. For real! Relaxation and “crazy” orgasms are on the agenda with Rush Zero poppers!

This product and all other Rush products benefit from the same high quality of manufacture of the Rush brand. It is your opportunity and great advantage to enjoy a very high quality aroma!

The whole range of Super Rush poppers is back on Poppers Aromas!

We are pleased to announce the return of the incredible Super Rush poppers on our online shop and at the best price! From the original rush poppers, to the gold rush, or the super rush black label, each formula available on Poppers Aromas is authentic and original. Available in 10 to 30 ml bottles, in packs or individually, rush poppers are waiting for you. 

By ordering on our site, you benefit from many advantages such as fast worldwide delivery (even buying poppers from uk), the stock of poppers is indeed considerable and constantly renewed! Furthermore, we make sure to use very discreet packaging, we know that your personal life is nobody’s business but yours!