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Rush Gold 10ml

The Rush poppers brand is back with the perfect Rush Gold poppers! The product contained in a 10ml bottle allows you to achieve a powerful super rush at an unbeatable price. Aroma based on amyl nitrite, for a strong and perfect rush! Don't be fooled by the size of the bottle as the juice effects are strong. To make your own opinion, you just have to try the gold rush poppers and its great aroma. This poppers from the famous Rush brand will brighten up your evenings or day and offer you the known effects of poppers such as vasodilation and tenfold sensations

Rush Gold Poppers - 10 ml bottle - Amyl Nitrite

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Brand: Rush



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Rush Gold Poppers 10ml

  • Rush Poppers brand
  • 10ml bottle
  • Amyl Nitrite

Product information: Currently, depending on the production line, some bottles of this reference may contain two or three pellets, or none at all. Their absence does not affect the quality of the product.


Data sheet

Amyl poppers
With Pellet
Secure opening
With safety cap
Bottle resistance
Compatible Poppers Cap
Double Small Poppers Cap
Leakproof double small
Small Fister Poppers Cap
Twin Poppers Cap
CAS Number
(CAS 110-46-3) + (CAS 123-51-3)
Made in the EU

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