All about Amsterdam Poppers!

Amsterdam is truly one of the best poppers brand for powerful rush lovers. Are you looking for incredible aphrodisiac sensations? Then the Amsterdam brand may be right for you. Discover Amsterdam poppers in bottles from 10ml to 24ml, available on our shop Poppers Aromas in worldwide fast delivery. Formulated with propyl nitrite, amyl nitrite, pentyl nitrite or a mixture of nitrates, they produce a unique sensation. These products are of premium quality, as we buy directly from the manufacturer. The Amsterdam poppers brand has been a leader in the poppers world for years.

In this article, we will give you all the information you need to know to shop effectively, whether you are looking for a black, strong, or soft juice.

Originally from Canada, the Amsterdam poppers brand is one of the best known in the world of poppers. It offers high-quality products at affordable prices and has done so for years. Indeed, the manufacturers of Amsterdam poppers have mastered all the aromas and create poppers with propyl, pentyl or amyl nitrites. The Amsterdam poppers range is eclectic and includes all the vasodilating, euphoric, aphrodisiac or libido-boosting effects available for wild parties or memorable sex. You should also note that the first poppers were created by Amsterdam in the 1970s!

Amsterdam Poppers Original

It comes in the form of a highly volatile, flammable, yellow to orange liquid, which must be contained in a bottle that protects it from light so that the customer can enjoy all the effects of Amsterdam poppers. Manufactured in compliance with all French and European legislation.

Amsterdam poppers have powerful euphoric effects but with a real aphrodisiac edge. The Original is known for its aphrodisiac effects because your libido is boosted with its propyl nitriteAmsterdam Original poppers increase pleasure and desire during the most intense sexual play. To avoid any trouble, we advise you to use a quality lubricant.

You will feel fully liberated! Moreover, the manufacturer has not forgotten to provide its bottle with a wide opening to allow the poppers to release its aromas very quickly.

Where to buy cheap Amsterdam poppers?

On our shop Poppers Aromas, you can buy Amsterdam poppers at all prices and the delivery is secured everywhere in the world.

Discover in this article 4 incredible Amsterdam poppers available in your shop:

1. Amsterdam Strong

You will recognise it by its white bottle with its iconic orange colour. It is one of our top amyl and propyl nitrite mix poppers with a progressive effect and a truly stimulating rush.  The Amsterdam Strong poppers and its 15ml bottle is the perfect choice for a great sex night!

2. Amsterdam XXX Pride

On the agenda: a poppers with an ultra-powerful rush! Made with amyl nitrite,  its intensity is 4 on a scale of 5. Very strong, its effects are perfect for a wild night out or under the sheets. Contained in a 10ml bottle, be proud to take the Amsterdam XXX Pride poppers anywhere!

3. Amsterdam Black Label

If you want to experience wild orgasms and have your libido stimulated without limits, then you should choose this poppers. Amsterdam Black Label has the strength of amyl nitrite. The vasodilator effect is intense but does not last long. Inhalations should be repeated! You have enough to do with a 24 ml bottle of aromas. So don’t hesitate any longer…! If you like to have hard and enjoyable experiences, Amsterdam Black Label will satisfy you.

4. Amsterdam Cleaner New Formula

Taste its brand new amyl nitrite formula, this popper is strong, really strong and will produce an extreme relaxation of all your anal and/or vaginal muscles to enjoy long pleasure sessions. In addition to the powerful long-lasting effects of amyl nitrite, this new nitrite has several advantages; say goodbye to headaches, it has no strong odour, not to mention that this recipe is more environmentally friendly. Get your gold ticket to experience Amsterdam intensely with Amsterdam Cleaner New Formula.

All the tips on how to use your poppers properly

There are several ways to use the Amsterdam range of poppers to achieve powerful effects.

We will describe 4 ways to consume your poppers to enjoy the original flavour of each propyl, pentyl, amyl, or mixed nitrite.

1. Poppers in release

For a softer effect, you can open the bottle in the room you are in: the liquid aroma will be released slowly into the atmosphere and you can enjoy it wherever you are.

2. Poppers by inhalation

For a more powerful effect, this time you can simply bring the uncapped Amsterdam poppers close to your nose, but without touching the skin to avoid the appearance of unpleasant scabs. Don’t forget that poppers is an irritant. In a few seconds, you will feel the rush. Indeed, a great rush of exciting heat will invade your body.

3. Mask or poppers inhaler

If you want to go further, you can use an accessory such as a mask or a poppers inhaler, in which you insert a cotton pad soaked in an amyl, propyl or pentyl nitrite juice. The rush will be long and the pleasure intense. This practice should be reserved for experienced users who appreciate the really strong effects of poppers.

4. Sparkling water poppers cocktail

Finally, here is an amazing cocktail but not to be drunk! But in any case, it is absolutely forbidden to ingest or drink poppers! With this Poppers Cocktail increase the power of the Amsterdam poppers of your choice: Original, Gold or Special… Simply place a few milliliters of poppers in a glass and fill it with a fizzy drink, such as Coca-Cola, sparkling water or even Champagne at big events. The bubbles will really increase the rush and pleasure! The recommended dosage is about 1 dose of Amsterdam poppers for 10 doses of carbonated liquid.