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Triple B Poppers Pack 24ml

Triple B 24 ml. Triple B, triple pleasure! Poppers for each moment of the day. Start with Boy Poppers. A stimulating liquid with a mild effect. It can be used in the early evening or in the afternoon for a quickie. Continue with Bare poppers, a highly concentrated propyl nitrite based liquid. It will make you more creative. Inhale its vapours in all situations, intimate or festive, but we recommend it for sensual intimacy. Bare will gradually expose you. Once you're naked, get down to business with Bad poppers. This aggressively stimulating poppers will increase your excitement! You'll be much more efficient under the duvet. Lightness, creativity, brutality: that's how it goes with the Triple B Pack


  • Pack of 3 poppers 
  • 24ml bottles
  • amyl, pentyl and propyl nitrite 


Note: The bottles used for these products can contain up to 30 ml. As these references are 24 ml, it is normal that it is not completely full.

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Brand: Triple B

Triple B


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Description Triple B Pack 24ml 


  • Pack of 3 poppers 
  • 24ml bottles 
  • Bare: propyl nitrite
  • Bad: amyl nitrite 
  • Boy: pentyl nitrite 

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