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Le Jus Trio 10ml

Le Jus poppers trio 10 ml. Follow your desires and get this 3-pack to enjoy all three sensations. Whether you're in an erotic or party mood, use the poppers that will brighten your nights and experience powerful and intense effects. 


What's inside?

Amyl nitrite-based, Le Jus Amyl Base poppers and its 10ml bottle will provide highly euphoric and disinhibiting effects. This aroma will relax your muscles within seconds of use. It is your best ally for intimate moments.


Le Jus Ultra Pentyle poppers is perfect for beginners as well as experts who wish to experience its intense and strong formula. Carry its 10ml bottle anywhere with you to enjoy it anytime. 


Last but not least, Le Jus Super Propyle will give you an extremely relaxing sensation to make the most of your parties.


  • 10ml bottles
  • Amyl, Propyl, and Pentyl nitrites
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Characteristics of Le Jus Trio Poppers

  • 3-pack
  • Amyl, Propyl and Pentyl
  • For all occasion
  • High-quality
  • Le jus brand

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