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Snif Nourf Poppers 15ml
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Strenght 3 out of 5

Snif Nourf Poppers 15ml [LIMITED EDITION]


Snif Nourf Poppers 15ml. Discover Snif Nourf poppers, with a unique bottle designed by the renowned street artist Pimax. Unmissable with its colourful, offbeat graphics and cool red dog mascot!


Pimax lends his street cred to this 15ml bottle, an amyl and propyl nitrite combination. It's perfect for all your parties, so you can have fun and go wild all night long. You'll love its euphoric and relaxing effects, which will help you let go of a night out!

Express your creativity with Snif Nourf poppers in partnership with graphic designer and painter Pimax!


  • Graphic art by Pimax, the renowned street artist 
  • Nitrite Mixture: amyl and propyl
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More about Snif Nourf poppers

  • 15ml bottle
  • Collaboration with Pimax, renowned street artist
  • Nitrites mixture: amyl and propyl
  • Safety cap
  • Ideal for night's out with friends
  • Relaxing and euphoric effects

Data sheet

Mix - Amyl & Propyl
Made in
Secure opening
With safety cap
Bottle resistance
Compatible Poppers Cap
Double Small Poppers Cap
Leakproof double small
Small Fister Poppers Cap
Twin Poppers Cap
CAS Number
(CAS 110-46-3) + (CAS 541-42-4) + (CAS 67-63-0) + (CAS 123-51-3)
Made in the EU

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