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BERLIN Poppers Pack

Want ultra-strong Poppers? Berlin poppers pack, full of 3 ultra-strong poppers, will bring you lots and lots of fun. 

24ml of pleasure in a yellow bottle. Propyl Poppers is, as the name suggests, propyl nitrite-based. Ideal to bring to your party and make the most of it, this poppers and its big bottle will allow you to have the best time with long-lasting effects. It will be your best ally to spice things up under the sheets. 

From the German word "Fist", Faust Poppers is a strong aroma that will make you feel intense pleasure. Prepare yourself for endless wild nights with this 10ml amyl bottle you can carry anywhere with you.

Adler 10 ml deutsch qualität will make you grow wings! Made with amyl nitrite, this vasodilator with long-lasting effects will awaken the eagle in you! Extremely intense for exhilarating pleasure.


  • Amyl and propyl nitrites
  • 10ml poppers bottles
  • 24ml bottle
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More about Berlin Poppers Pack

  • Amyl and propyl poppers
  • 10ml small bottles
  • 24ml bottle
  • High-quality

Data sheet

Secure opening
With safety cap
Made in the EU
Pack Size
3-pack Poppers

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