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Yellow Poppers Pack

Yellow Poppers pack. Enjoy the power of the yellow 3-pack for colourful nights. It will take you to an unforgettable world of euphoria!


What's inside?

Propyl Poppers 24ml, a powerful stimulant designed to deliver an intense, unforgettable experience. Carefully designed to meet the expectations of thrill-seekers, this isopropyl product is ideal for those looking to explore new horizons

Novitchok 15 ml. From the bottle to the liquid, this amyl poppers is explosive!  Feel a huge rush of exciting heat through your body, awakening your erotic senses. This bombshell can be used to enhance your techno parties as well as your lovemaking

Whether for intimate moments, to amplify the euphoria of festive evenings or to explore new sensations, Rush PWD poppers is the one you need! Thanks to its 10ml concentrated formula, this poppers works fast, offering an intense experience that lasts long enough to enjoy the euphoria fully. 


  • Amyl and propyl nitrites
  • 10ml bottle
  • 15ml bottle
  • 24ml poppers bottle 
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What about Yellow Poppers pack? 

  • Amyl and propyl poppers
  • 3-pack
  • High-quality
  • Yellow bottles

Data sheet

Secure opening
With safety cap
Made in the EU
Pack Size
3-pack Poppers

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