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5 ultra pentyle le jus
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Le Jus Ultra Pentyle 10ml x5

The new brand Le Jus now offers you Ultra Pentyle poppers in a pack of 5 bottles. This poppers is composed of a mix of nitrites: pentyl and pentanol, a new formula that makes it slightly sweet. It is perfect for parties, as well as moments of intimacy. It will help you push your limits. Let this poppers give you a feeling of total relaxation of your muscles and accentuate all your senses. The Ultra Pentyle poppers come with a safety cap so you can easily carry it with you.


  • 5-pack Ultra Pentyle Le Jus Poppers
  • 10ml pentyl and pentanol
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Brand :

Le jus poppers


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Details of the pack of poppers Le Jus Ultra Pentyle

  • Pack of 5 Ultra Pentyl poppers
  • Brand: Le Jus
  • New formula: pentanol nitrite
  • Mix of nitrites: pentyl and pentanol
  • 10ml bottle
  • Safety caps
  • Ideal for parties and sex

Data sheet

Secure opening
With safety cap
CAS number
Pentyl nitrite & Pentanol: (CAS 463-04-7) + (CAS 71-41-0)

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