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Le Jus Ultra Pentyle 10ml x5

The new brand Le Jus now offers you Ultra Pentyle poppers in a pack of 5 bottles. This poppers is composed of a mix of nitrites: pentyl and pentanol, a new formula that makes it slightly sweet. It is perfect for parties, as well as moments of intimacy. It will help you push your limits. Let this poppers give you a feeling of total relaxation of your muscles and accentuate all your senses. The Ultra Pentyle poppers come with a safety cap so you can easily carry it with you.


  • 5-pack Ultra Pentyle Le Jus Poppers
  • 10ml pentyl and pentanol
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Details of the pack of poppers Le Jus Ultra Pentyle

  • Pack of 5 Ultra Pentyl poppers
  • Brand: Le Jus
  • New formula: pentanol nitrite
  • Mix of nitrites: pentyl and pentanol
  • 10ml bottle
  • Safety caps
  • Ideal for parties and sex

Data sheet

With Pellet
Secure opening
With safety cap
Bottle resistance
Compatible Poppers Cap
Double Small Poppers Cap
Leakproof double small
Small Fister Poppers Cap
Twin Poppers Cap
CAS Number
(CAS 463-04-7) + (CAS 71-41-0)
Made in the EU

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