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Pocket Poppers Pack

Pocket Poppers pack. Take your pocket pack and its three 30ml bottles anywhere with you. Whether you want to shine at your parties or add intensity to your private moments, this pack is made for you!

Immerse yourself in an unprecedented experience with our Amyl Pocket Poppers. Ready to deliver explosive power? Turn every moment into an erotic adventure with its aphrodisiac effects. 

Discover the Rush Pocket, your companion for fast, intense experiences. Rush Pocket poppers will be your ally for powerful moments. This concentrated liquid contains a strong blend of amyl nitrite, ready to give you a rush of pleasure every time.

Iron Fist Amyl Poppers is a powerful formula created for those seeking strength. With its specific blend, Iron Fist is designed to deliver a rapid power-up and peak intensity.


  • Amyl poppers
  • 30ml bottles

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About Pocket Poppers

  • Amyl nitrite
  • 30ml poppers bottles
  • 3-pack
  • Pocket size

Data sheet

Made in the EU
Pack Size
3-pack Poppers

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