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Large Summer Pack

Poppers Aromas' large summer poppers pack is ideal for making the most of the summer season and have fun! This summer pack includes:          

  • 2 Poppers: Iron Fist, Everest Titanium and Le Jus Super Propyle (amyl and propyl poppers)
  • 1 Everest Aromas bucket hat 
  • 1 Red poppers inhaler
  • 6 Condoms 


The inhaler will come in handy when using your poppers in a crowd (parties, festivals), protecting you from spills or burns. This pack is cheap and very practical.


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Description of the big summer poppers pack

This poppers pack contains:  

  • 6 London condoms
  • 1 Iron Fist poppers 30ml - Amyl nitrite
  • 1 Everest titanium poppers 15ml - Made in France: Amyl nitrite
  • 1 le jus poppers 10ml - Propyl nitrite
  • 1 Everest Aromas bucket hat
  • 1 red poppers inhaler

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