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MADRID Poppers Pack x 24ml

MADRID Pack of 3 differents brands: Bear (24ml), Juice Zero Poppers (24ml), Juic'd original (24ml).

Each poppers has different nitrites, Bear and Juic'd poppers are made of Isopropyl nitrite. Juice Zero is formulated with a mix of nitrites, propyl and amyl aromas.

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More about Madrid poppers 3-pack

  • 24ml poppers
  • Bear, Juice Zero, Juic'd
  • Propyl or Amyl and propyl mix 


We expressly points out that all goods supplied are to be used only in accordance with specifications and any special notes on use which may be given in instruction leaflets are to be strictly followed in order to exclude all possibility of danger to life and limb.

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Secure opening
With safety cap
Compatible Poppers Cap
Double Large Poppers Cap
Leakproof double large

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