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Amsterdam Poppers 24ml

The spirit of Amsterdam is alive in this robust poppers. After more than twenty years, this extra strong formula is one of the best sellers ever! Millions of bottles of Amsterdam Poppers have been sold all around the world. Made with 95% isopropyl nitrite. 24 ml

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This product is a true must-have made from propyl nitrite and is renowned for its strong and aphrodisiac effects. It will release your sexual creativity, free you from any inhibition and arouse your senses. Can you imagine so many effects in such a small bottle ?

Its formula has a stimulating aroma (propyl nitrite) and essential oils and its simply- designed bottle refers to the houses along the river Amstel in the pleasant city of Amsterdam. 

With this product, you will re-discover all the feelings that you had been hiding s deeply. With such a formula and propyl nitrite, indulge to all your desires and whims.

This type of poppers evaporates slowly, is one of the bestselling in the world for the hottest sexual experiences.

The original Amsterdam poppers are a guarantee for quality and can be consumed either for their sexual or recreational effects. They will release your pulsions and won't disappoint you.

If you already like Rush or Jungle Juice, Amsterdam will certainly suit you. Find it on our online store in bottles of  24 ml. Amsterdam will turn you on and give you as much pleasure as possible. 

With Poppers-aromas, be sure to have a quick and discreet delivery for your original and powerful Amsterdam poppers.


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