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Super Rush Black Label 10ml

The brand Rush poppers is back! Feedbacks are unanimous for Super Rush Black Label: it's the amyl nitrite based poppers you have to try! This juice with the sweet name of Super Rush Black Label is available in a 10ml bottle at the best price. In stock, its amyl nitrite aroma will seduce those who wish to use Super Rush poppers for the stimulating aphrodisiac effects. Pentyl nitrite has an advantage over amyl and propyl nitrites: it takes longer to evaporate.

In stock, enjoy its powerful rush to spice up your parties or have fun all night long. Among the best poppers like Jungle Juice Black Label or Jungle Juice Platinum, the reference brand remains Rush for its strength at a small price. All you have to do is try the product and enjoy its powerful aphrodisiac virtues.

Super Rush Black Label - 10 ml bottle - Amyl Nitrite

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Super Rush Black Label Poppers 10ml

  • Brand Rush Poppers
  • Super Rush Black Label
  • 10ml bottle
  • Amyl Nitrite

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