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Poppers Amsterdam Strong 15 ml 3-pack
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Strenght 3 out of 5

Amsterdam Strong 15ml x3

Amsterdam Strong 15 ml 3-pack. Experience the essence of Amsterdam's vibrant nightlife with the Amsterdam Strong 15ml 3-Pack Poppers – your gateway to an exhilarating journey of sensation and excitement. This exclusive pack features three 15ml bottles of strong poppers, designed to deliver a potent rush with each inhalation. Whether you're igniting the dance floor or embarking on a solo adventure, Amsterdam Strong is your passport to unforgettable experiences.


  • Amyl & propyl mix
  • 15ml bottles
  • 3-pack
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About Amsterdam Strong x3

  • Amyl and propyl poppers
  • 15ml bottles
  • 3-pack
  • Safety caps
  • Powerful effects
  • Ideal for sex

Data sheet

Mix - Amyl & Propyl
Secure opening
With safety cap
Bottle resistance
Compatible Poppers Cap
Double Small Poppers Cap
Leakproof double small
Small Fister Poppers Cap
Twin Poppers Cap
CAS Number
(CAS 110-46-3) + (CAS 541-42-4) + (CAS 67-63-0) + (CAS 123-51-3)
Made in the EU
Pack Size
3-pack Poppers

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