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Liquid Gold 24ml
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Strenght 4 out of 5

Liquid Gold 24ml

A new version is available Liquid Amyl poppers with the same strong and fast effects.


Discover liquid amyl


Liquid Gold Poppers. It is no longer presented: the Liquid Gold poppers, liquid gold is available in a maxi bottle! This poppers, whose reputation and renown have gone through the years without fail, is known for its long and strong rush. It was for years the most popular popper in the UK. A sober but effective gold design on a 24 ml bottle, without frills, reminiscent of the poppers of the 70s. Liquid Gold is an amyl nitrite popper, which is suitable for your sexual activities but not only! This Gold poppers is also very good company at parties!


  • Bottle of 24ml
  • Amyl nitrite
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Specifications about Liquid Gold Poppers

  • Bottle of 24ml
  • Amyl nitrite
  • Safety cap
  • Awakens sexual urges

Data sheet

Secure opening
With safety cap
Compatible Poppers Cap
Double Small Poppers Cap
Small Fister Poppers Cap
CAS number
Amyl nitrite: (CAS 110-46-3) + (CAS 123-51-3)

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