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Is it safe to pay at Poppers Aromas?

During the transaction by SSL Protocol from Verifone or SogEcommerce, you are automatically connected to the payment processing centre’s server. Your bank details are protected by encryption and do not pass through our company in any way. During your transaction on the Verifone or SogEcommerce page, you must enter your credit card numbers. You are on a totally secure page. The payment address page begins with “https://www.” Unlike other classic web pages that begin with “http://www.”. This “s” is the “s” of secure. You will also find at the bottom right of your browser a pictogram symbolizing a padlock or a key, depending on your Mac/PC browser, informing you that you are also on a fully secure page.

After validation of your payment, you will receive at the e-mail address mentioned in your order an electronic payment receipt with the Black Sequoia merchant header (this is the name that will be mentioned on your bank statement).


Verification of your card by your bank through the 3DS system

An additional check may take place at the time of your payment, a window opens and asks you to enter your 3D Secure code. This code is used to authenticate you and to ensure that it is the declared holder of the credit card who is making the payment. The control of your credit card by 3DS is compulsory for orders outside France. It requires payment verification in the following ways: either by entering the key from the personal key card and the verification code sent to you by email, or by entering the verification code received as a text message if you have chosen this solution to identify yourself. The verification code received via email or text message is valid for this transaction only. This check ensures that the payment is ordered by you, the cardholder, and not by a fraudster. That way, even if your bank details were somehow stolen or stored, they couldn't be accessed without knowing the authentication code.